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FW: Special April first edition of BookNews

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  • James Spinti
    I thought list members might enjoy this. We had fun creating it. Sorry for the cross-posting. James ________________________________ James Spinti Marketing
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2006
      I thought list members might enjoy this. We had fun creating it.

      Sorry for the cross-posting.


      James Spinti
      Marketing Director, Book Sales Division
      Eisenbrauns, Good books for over 30 years
      Specializing in Ancient Near Eastern and Biblical Studies
      jspinti at eisenbrauns dot com
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      From: James Spinti
      Sent: Friday, March 31, 2006 3:33 PM
      To: Booknews from Eisenbrauns
      Subject: Special April first edition

      BookNews from Eisenbrauns

      Eisenbrauns is pleased to present you with a special April First
      edition. We found out about some exciting new titles just today
      and couldn't wait for a regular edition of BookNews to let you
      know. We hope that you are as excited about these new titles as
      we are. We have included brief descriptions of each book to
      further increase your interest.

      To see the graphics and read more information about the new titles
      listed below, please follow this link:

      "First Compendious Near Eastern Grammar: Everything You Ever
      Wanted to Know"
      Edited by A.P. Ril
      Winged Bull Press, Cloth.
      Your Price: $14650.00
      "At last, the life work of a highly trained group of
      pre-sapient hominids is available for scholars everywhere."

      "A Proto-Semitic Grammar and Textbook"
      by H.J. Shem
      Edited by A.P. Ril
      Winged Bull Press, Cloth.
      List Price: $900.00 Your Price: $720.00
      "Finally, a grammar of Proto-Semitic that makes use of the latest
      Second Language Acquisition techniques...While the ultimate goal
      in studying Proto-Semitic is to read the authentic ancient texts,
      this grammar takes a conversation approach, encouraging students to
      converse in class in Proto-Semitic from the very first lesson."

      "Monuments of Ancient Assyria: A complete collection"
      Edited by Karen Oh
      Winged Bull Press, Cloth.
      Your Price: $12000.00
      "This 12 volume work catalogues all known and unknown monuments
      from Ancient Assyria"

      "Mazdaism and the Art of Chariot Repair: Where'd I Put that Ankh?"
      by Suzuki Kawasaki
      Scribes of Ecbatana, Skin.
      Your Price: $20.06
      "This delightful philosophical romp through the ages has nothing to do
      with either of the things mentioned in the title. Not to be missed!"

      "Pharaoh Tachos and His Nefarious Barrio Brothers:
      All My Friends Have Low-Riders"
      by Michael Brown
      Alternate History of the Persian Empire
      Old Potato Peel Press, Paper.
      Your Price: 25 gold sicles
      "The long-awaited sequel to "Cyrus the Large-One" is finally nearing
      completion. Full-printing on archival quality paper will make this
      the ideal coffee-table volume."

      Note to reader: This is an April Fools joke. For those of you who are
      unfamiliar with April Fools day, all the above titles are intended as a
      spoof. Any resemblance to genuine titles is strictly coincidental. I
      hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed creating it.
      Special thanks to Andy Kerr for the graphics and concept, Michael Brown
      and John Cook for some of the titles and descriptions.
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