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NYPL and Oriental Studies Re: [ANE-2] Re: Mittani II vocabulary

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  • Peter T. Daniels
    NYPL s copy of Kammenhuber is missing, but I found a work of a very similar title by Mayrhofer from 1966, which gives the Indologist s perspective on the
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      NYPL's copy of Kammenhuber is "missing," but I found a work of a very similar title by Mayrhofer from 1966, which gives the Indologist's perspective on the topic. Unfortunately, in none of these other sources are the IA words even spelled out, let alone their orthography discussed! All the vocabulary is simply given in normalized form.

      Incredibly, NYPL doesn't have AoF!

      A more general note: at the end of this month, NYPL's Oriental Division (which for a few years has had a more politically correct name that I can never remember) will cease to exist, as will also the Baltic and Slavic Division. Their collections will be incorporated into the main collection, their specialist reading rooms will be closed and their holdings moved to the main reading rooms (which have only just been rearranged according to the LC classification, meaning that the PJs and PKs will be at one end of the North Reading Room and the DSs at the other end of the South Reading Room), and the subject librarians presumably assigned to rotate in general reference.
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      My thanks to you both.
      Peter T. Daniels grammatim@verizon. net

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      At 18.13 04/08/2008, Peter T. Daniels wrote:

      > > Thank you -- I can read that at the New York Public Library.
      > >
      > > Where would I look for more recent (perhaps less detailed!)
      > > --
      > > Peter T. Daniels grammatim@.. .

      A very short but excellent summary of the question Near East/Indo-Aryan
      touching also on 'the manifold spellings of Indo-Aryan names' (that, as I
      said, are all collected in Kammenhuber' s Arier) is in G. Wilhelm, The
      Hurrians, Warminster 1989, pp. 17-19 (English transl. of the German 1982

      At 04.58 05/08/2008, E. Adams wrote:

      >You might take a look at Wolfram Nagel & Christian
      >Eder's treatise on Altsyrien und Agypten in
      >Damaszener Mitteilungen 6, 1992. They have a
      >section on "Das Aufkommen des Klassischen Streitwagens
      >*wrta - in Syrian und Agypten", p 69-81, in which
      >they discuss a lot of Indo-Aryan terms, PN's etc

      Eder and Nagel have recently gone back to the same theme in: 'Grundzüge der
      Streitwagenbewegung en zwischen Tiefeurasien, Südwestasien und Ägäis:
      Altorientalische Forschungen 33 (2006), pp. 42-93.
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