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Israel Ephal Festschrift

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  • victor
    Dear Colleagues, I have been asked to announce the appearance of a Festschrift presented to Prof. (emeritus) Israel Ephal of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2008
      Dear Colleagues,

      I have been asked to announce the appearance of a Festschrift presented to
      Prof. (emeritus) Israel Ephal of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

      Victor Hurowitz


      Treasures on Camel's Humps: Historical and Literary Studies from the Ancient
      Near East Presented to Israel Eph`al, edited by Mordechai Cogan and Dan'el
      Kahn, Jerusalem: The Hebrew University Magnes Press, 2008. xiii+338 pages.
      ISBN 978-965-493-311-7

      The twenty-five new studies in this volume present the reader with an
      up-to-date picture of some of the issues and the methodologies that engage
      scholars of the Ancient Near East. These essays reflect the broad span of
      the field, both geographically and chronologically, from Sumerian texts of
      the third millennium BCE, to the town of Nuzi in Iraqi Kurdistan in the
      mid-second millennium, from there to inquiries into Assyrian and Babylonian
      documents and inscriptions, as well as into recently recovered Aramaic
      ostraca from Idumea in southern Israel dating to the fourth century BCE.
      Rounding off this varied and rich collection are several investigations
      concerning Ancient Israel and biblical matters. Specialists from Israel,
      Europe, the United States, Canada and Japan have joined together in this
      volume to honor Israel Eph�al, professor emeritus of Jewish History at the
      Hebrew University of Jerusalem, whose many scholarly achievements are hereby


      Preface IX

      Abbreviations XI

      Prof. Israel Eph`al � An Appreciation by Dan�el Kahn 1

      Bibliography of the Works of Israel Eph`al 5

      Tsvi Abusch Hunting in the Epic of Gilgamesh: Speculations on the Education
      of a Prince 11

      Shmuel Ah�ituv Ezekiel and Egypt 21

      Amnon Altman What Kind of Treaty Tradition Do the Sefire Inscriptions
      Represent? 26

      Pinh�as Artzi �All the Nations and Many Peoples�: The Answer of Isaiah and
      Micah to

      Assyrian Imperial Policies 41

      Amitai Baruchi-Unna Crossing the Boundaries: LiteraryAllusions to the Epic
      of Gilgamesh

      in the Account of Esarhaddon�s Egyptian Campaign 54

      Mordechai Cogan The Assyrian Stela Fragment from Ben-Shemen 66

      M. A. Damdamayev A Pugnacious Scribe from Uruk 70

      Gershon Galil A New Look at a Neo-Assyrian Sale of �Land and People� 75

      Yair Hoffman The Wandering Lament: Micah 1:10-16 86

      Wayne Horowitz and Takayoshi Oshima New Light on an Old Find from Hazor 99

      Victor Avigdor Hurowitz �Shutting up� the Enemy � Literary Gleanings from
      Sargon�s Eighth

      Campaign 104

      Dan�el Kahn Piankhy�s Instructions to his Army in Kush and their Execution

      Yehuda Kaplan Recruitment of Foreign Soldiers into the Neo-Assyrian Army

      the Reign of Tiglath-pileser III 135

      Jacob Klein Four Early Mesopotamian �Building� Inscriptions from the

      Collection 153

      Erle Leichty Esarhaddon�s Eastern Campaign 183

      Edward Lipin�ski The Hosts of the Mountain 188

      M.P. Maidman Peace and War at Nuzi: A Prosopographical Foray 199

      Nadav Na�aman The Suhu Governors� Inscriptions in the Context of

      Royal Inscriptions 221

      Bezalel Porten and Ada Yardeni The Chronology of the Idumean Ostraca in the
      Decade or so after the

      Death of Alexander the Great and its Relevance for Historical Events 237

      Itamar Singer On Siege Warfare in Hittite Texts 250

      Hayim Tadmor Assyria at the Gates of Tushpa 266

      Nili Wazana Are Trees of the Field Human? A Biblical War Law (Deuteronomy

      and Neo-Assyrian Propaganda 274

      Shigeo Yamada Qurdi-Assur-lamur: His Letters and Career 296

      Ron Zadok Neo-Assyrian Notes 312

      Stefan Zawadski Nebuchadnezzar�s Campaign in the 30th Year (575 B.C.): A

      with Tyre? 331

      List of Contributors 337

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