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JAAS 10.2 (2007) has appeared

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  • Gerald A. Klingbeil
    Please excuse cross-posting this announcement. The Theological Seminary of the /Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies/ is proud to announce the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 10, 2008
      Please excuse cross-posting this announcement.

      The Theological Seminary of the /Adventist International Institute of
      Advanced Studies/ is proud to announce the publication of the second
      issue of volume 10 (2007) of the /Journal of Asia Adventist Seminary/
      (ISSN 1908--4862), formerly /Asia Adventist Seminary Studies/ (ISSN
      0119--8432), a peer-refereed academic journal focusing and biblical and
      theological research. This particular issue contains an engaging mix of
      linguistic, biblical, and missiological research from international
      scholars as well as a number of helpful critical book reviews. We
      encourage interested scholars and institutions to subscribe either
      directly or via EBSCO. The first issue of volume 11 (2008) should appear
      in August of 2008. As always, we welcome submission to the journal from
      all interested scholars.

      For editorial queries, submissions or subscription requests please contact

      Editor /Journal of Asia Adventist Seminary/
      P.O.Box 038
      Silang, Cavite 4118

      Or electronically:

      / editor.jaas@.../ (Gerald A. Klingbeil, editor)
      / assoc.ed.jaas@... /(Clinton Wahlen, associate editor)
      / review.jaas@.../ (Michael Sokupa, book review editor)
      / subscription.jaas@.../ (Emmer Chacon, Subscription
      / periodacq@... /(Diana Park, Journal Exchanges)

      The Table of Contents for /JAAS/ 10.2 (2007) includes the following:

      David Kummerow (107--134)
      "On the Biblical Hebrew Verbal System: A Linguistic Critique in Defense of the Mostly Traditional" [An extensive review of Rolf J. Furuli, /A New Understanding of the Verbal System of Classical Hebrew: An Attempt to Distinguish between Semantic and Pragmatic Factors/. Oslo: Awatu, 2006]

      Sheralee N. Thomas (135--152)
      "?????? in Romans 8:18--23 in Light of Ancient Greek and Roman
      Environmental Concerns: A Suggestion"

      Ekkehardt M���ller (153--176)
      "The Beast of Revelation 17: A Suggestion (Part II)"

      Wagner Kuhn (177--191)
      "Mission as Holistic Ministry: Toward a Seventh-day Adventist Theology
      of Mission for Relief and Development"

      Thesis and Dissertation Abstracts (193--203)

      Critical Book Reviews (205--222)

      /In Other Words: Incarnational Translation for Preaching/, by Charles
      Cosgrove and W. Dow Edgerton. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2007. Reviewed by Chantal J. Klingbeil (205--209)

      /The Colossian Hymn in Context: An Exegesis in Light of Jewish and
      Greco-Roman Hymnic and Epistolary Conventions/, by Matthew E. Gordley.
      WUNT [2. Reihe] 228. T���bingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2007. Reviewed by Michael
      Sokupa (209--212)

      /Bridging the Gap: Ritual and Ritual Texts in the Bible/, by Gerald A.
      Klingbeil. Bulletin for Biblical Research Supplements 1. Winona Lake:
      Eisenbrauns, 2007. Reviewed by Bong Gyeong Lim (212--216)

      /Biblia Hebraica Quinta. Fascicle 18: General Introduction and
      Megilloth/, by Adrian Schenker (general editor), J. de Waard (Ruth), P. B. Dirksen (Canticles), Y. A. P. Goldman (Qoheleth), R. Sch���fer
      (Lamentations), and M. S���b��� (Esther). Stuttgart: Deutsche
      Bibelgesellschaft, 2004. Reviewed by Gerald A. Klingbeil (216--219)

      /Job/, by Gerald H. Wilson. NIBCOT. Peabody: Hendrickson, 2007. Reviewed by Younis Masih (220--222)

      Subscription rates for 2008 have remained the same and are as follows:

      International Annual Subscription

      Individual: US$30.00
      Institutional: US$45.00

      Local (Philippines) Annual Subscription

      Individual: PhP500.00
      Institutional: PhP750.00


      Gerald A. Klingbeil, D.Litt.
      Dean of the Theological Seminary
      Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Studies
      Editor /Journal of Asia Adventist Seminary/

      Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies
      P.O.Box 038, Lalaan 1
      Silang, Cavite 4118, Philippines

      office: +63-46-414-4330
      home: +63-46-414-4409
      email: gklingbeil@...
      web: www.aiias.edu
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