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Re: [ANE-2] A new(?) beginning

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  • Ariel L. Szczupak
    ... Not only I don t insist on it, I m not really interested in biblical historicity per se (as the ANE1 archive can show while it s still there). My interest
    Message 1 of 11 , Feb 16, 2006
      At 11:02 16/02/2006, victor avigdor hurowitz wrote:
      >Woe Ariel, Ariel!

      ... the city where snow once settled ... :(

      >... if you insist on historicity ...

      Not only I don't insist on it, I'm not really interested in biblical
      historicity per se (as the ANE1 archive can show while it's still
      there). My interest is in the methodology for establishing, or not,
      the historicity of textual evidence in general. Biblical historicity
      is just one case, but it is an "active" battlefield, one in which
      accepted methodologies are determined by the scientific community,
      and, continuing the analogy, NPL is one of the warlords ...

      It was one of the first messages in the list and you quoted only DM's
      snipped version, so maybe you didn't see the full message. I used
      this example because it was handy, as something I was working on, for
      illustrating four issues, not just the historicity issue, that I
      think the moderators should consider. And possibly make guidelines
      and policies to address them. Four issues that are at this euphoric
      point theoretical, but judging from ANE1's history will become real
      soon enough. A kind of "better brush your teeth now than have a root
      canal job in the future" comment :)

      So don't cry for me ANE2 arena, I have no intention of initiating a
      biblical historicity thread.


      [100% bona fide dilettante ... delecto ergo sum!]

      Ariel L. Szczupak
      AMIS-JLM (Ricercar Ltd.)
      POB 4707, Jerusalem, Israel 91401
      Phone: +972-2-5619660 Fax: +972-2-5634203
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