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Re: [ANE-2] Qumran, the last refuge of the dilettante ?

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  • Jean-Fabrice Nardelli
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 2, 2008
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      <<Another area which shows what happens when one has no experience or minimal experience is the belief that as only 30-40 skeletons were excavated out of ca 1,000, that it's not a good sci. sample. †Well, each adult grave is either male or female and 34 males out of 35 in a random sample is not enough , as some contend, try flipping a coin 35 times, when you come up with 34 heads, go back on line. Or figure it out mathematically. Given 10-15 burials it would have been statistically significant.† I could go on and on as to what happens when outsiders try to figure it out, for brevity I'll end with this<<

      For all his authority, M. Zias's logic in the passage I have put inside daggers baffles me. I shall compare what a famous Classical scholar wrote (A. E. Housman, M. Annaei Lucani Belli ciuilis editorum in usum edidit A. E. [Oxford, 1926], p.xvii) : "we arrive at evening upon a field of battle, where lie 200 corpses. 197 of them have no beards ; the 198th has a beard on the chin ; the 199th has a false beard slewed round under the left ear ; the 200th has been decapitated and the head is nowhere to be found. Problem : has it a beard, a false beard, or no beard at all ?". I hope M. Zias will not have us believe that, in this case, the 200th body had a beard, either fake or genuine !

      J.-F. Nardelli,
      Université de Provence

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