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Re: 2 Questions for Yuval Goren

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  • dhyphenf
    Dear Trudy, I m sorry for the delay in replying; I have only now seen your note. I would not want to leave the impression that I am only interested in the
    Message 1 of 8 , Oct 25, 2007
      Dear Trudy,
      I'm sorry for the delay in replying; I have only now seen your note.
      I would not want to leave the impression that I am only interested in
      the ancient Israelites (whose history, in any case, cannot be
      separated from that those of its neighbors). The main point I wanted
      to make to this list is that Marjo Korpel, like all scholars, is the
      best judge of what her research interests ought to be, and that her
      decisions regarding what she studies not be disparaged by insults.
      Steve Feldman

      --- In ANE-2@yahoogroups.com, "Trudy Kawami" <tkawami@...> wrote:
      > Steven,
      > I am not well-versed in Biblical studies, but I thought that Jezebel was
      > not an Israelite woman, but a Phoenician. So if she had a seal, it would
      > not reflect Israelite practice. Or do I mis-understand?
      > Trudy Kawami
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      > dhyphenf
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      > Subject: [ANE-2] Re:2 Questions for Yuval Goren
      > I would like to thank Yuval Goren for his response to my post
      > regarding the Jezebel seal. I take the key sentence in that response
      > to be: "Could you kindly enlighten me and tell me how does this seal
      > tell us anything about the biblical text?"
      > I would have been satisfied if Margo C.A. Korpel's article on that
      > subject, "Seals of Jezebel and other women in authority," (Journal for
      > Semitics 15/2, 2006, pp. 349-371), would have advanced even modestly
      > our understanding of the world from which the Bible emerged. As it
      > happens, Korpel's article illustrates better than most how artifacts
      > can illuminate the Biblical text. If Goren had read the first page of
      > the article, and he gives no indication of having read any of it, he
      > would have seen this:
      > "Announce that you want to speak about the seals of Israelite women
      > and scornful laughter may well be your lot, because `everybody' knows
      > Israelite women did not need seals. They did not have the authority to
      > speak in the patriarchal society they had to live in.
      > "Am I exaggerating? Even very late in the past century several
      > exegetes confidently stated that only men used to wear seals in
      > ancient Israel and that for that reason it can be only be the bride
      > who is speaking in Song of Songs 8:6:
      > "Place me like a seal upon your heart, (6aA)
      > Like a seal on your wrist. (6aB)."[footnote 1; see link to article
      > below]
      > I invite Yuval Goren to read Korpel's entire article and to tell us
      > whether he stands by his earlier statement: "But except for being a
      > nicely made seal, it has very little if any scientific significance."
      > We are working with Korpel to produce a popular version of her
      > article. If Yuval Goren comes to feel that we did a bad job, I would
      > welcome his criticisms, but those criticisms will have more weight if
      > they are based on the article we actually publish rather than on the
      > article as it exists in his imagination.
      > A PDF of Korbel's article can be found at:
      > http://www.otw-site.eu/documenten/Korpel-Seal-of-Jezebel.pdf
      > <http://www.otw-site.eu/documenten/Korpel-Seal-of-Jezebel.pdf>
      > Steven Feldman
      > Web Editor and
      > Director of Educational Programs
      > Biblical Archaeology Society
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