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Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative News

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  • cejo@uchicago.edu
    IMLS PROJECT AT UCLA s CDLI/DLP The Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative ( ) and the Digital Library Program
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 2007

      The Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (<http://cdli.ucla.edu/>) and the Digital Library Program
      (<http://www2.library.ucla.edu/libraries/digital.cfm>) of the University of California, Los
      Angeles, are pleased to announce their successful proposal to the Institute for Museum and
      Library Services
      (<http://www.imls.gov/>) program "National Leadership Grants: Building Digital Resources" for
      funding of a two-year project dedicated to improving data management and archiving tools in
      Humanities research.

      Project Title: "Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative: Second Generation"
      The UCLA University Library and UCLA's Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures will
      create the Cuneiform Digital Library
      Initiative: Second Generation (CDLI 2). The project will migrate 450,000 legacy archival and
      access images and metadata from CDLI to UCLA's Digital Library Content System, standardizing and
      upgrading the metadata to improve discovery and enable content archiving within the California
      Digital Library's Digital Preservation Repository. The project will add 7,000 digital artifacts
      with cuneiform inscriptions, including collections housed at the University of Chicago's Oriental
      Institute and in Syrian national museums. This project will ensure the long-term preservation of
      text inscribed on endangered ancient cuneiform tablets. (see

      Principal Investigators:
      Stephen Davison (sdavison@...) Robert K. Englund (englund@...)
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