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Re: [ANE-2] new Iranian history

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  • Peter T. Daniels
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      For what it's worth (and that may not be much), there are seven "customer
      reviews" at Amazon.com:

      <http://www.amazon com/Shadows- Desert-Ancient- General-Military /dp/1846031087>

      I don't often look at amazon reviews -- but that has to be the worst set of 7 they've ever gathered! (And every one of them thinks it's sincerely praising the book, except for the one who hasn't the faintest idea why a Persian military history won't look like a Greek or Roman one, let alone a modern one.)

      Why not offer to review it for a peer-reviewed journal?

      It's not my field!

      Quoting "Peter T. Daniels" <grammatim@verizon. net>:

      > Does anyone have an opinion of this new book (seen at Borders) or its author?
      > Kaveh Farrokh, Shadows in the Desert: Ancient Persia at War (Osprey, 2007)
      > It doesn't appear to be restricted to military history; there's a
      > final chapter on continuing Sassanian influence in Islamic Persia.
      > The jacket flap says the author is a 2001 Ph.D. from UBC, with a
      > dissertation on the spread of Iranian languages.
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