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FW: [ISIS] ISIS-CAIF condemns Dr. Haleh Esfandiari's detention in Iran

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  • Lisbeth S. Fried
    This may be off-topic, but it s important. Liz Fried ... mansour ... Iran
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2007
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      This may be off-topic, but it's important.
      Liz Fried

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      > Subject: [ISIS] ISIS-CAIF condemns Dr. Haleh Esfandiari's detention in
      > Committee for Academic & Intellectual Freedom
      > (ISIS-CAIF)
      > May 11, 2007
      > To:
      > Ayatollah Sayyid �Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of the
      > Islamic Republic of Iran
      > Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of the Islamic
      > Republic of Iran
      > Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, Head of the
      > Iranian Judiciary
      > Mr. Mohammad Hassan Zia'i-Far, Secretary of the
      > Islamic Human Rights Commission
      > We are deeply troubled by the news of the arrest and
      > detention of the internationally distinguished and
      > respected Iranian-born academic Dr. Haleh Esfandiari
      > in Tehran on May 8. Dr. Esfandiari is currently the
      > director of the Middle East program at the Woodrow
      > Wilson International Center for Scholars in
      > Washington, D.C.., a publicly- and privately-funded
      > nonpartisan research institution devoted to the
      > promotion of national and international dialogue. Dr.
      > Esfandiari�s numerous publications have ranged in
      > topic from women�s rights in Iran to the conditions of
      > Palestinian refugees and she has been a staunch
      > advocate of pursuing peaceful dialogue between Tehran
      > and Washington in resolving their diplomatic standoff.
      > Following a family visit to Iran last autumn, Dr.
      > Esfandiari has been prevented from leaving the country
      > since December 2006 and was finally detained on May 8
      > on unspecified grounds.
      > As the leading international, non-partisan, academic
      > organization devoted to Iran and Iran-related studies,
      > we strongly deplore the arrest of such a
      > highly-respected academic and call on Iranian
      > authorities for the immediate release of Dr.
      > Esfandiari and for granting her permission to leave
      > the country whenever she chooses. In the meantime, we
      > ask the Iranian authorities to guarantee her
      > well-treatment and health and to provide her
      > visitation rights and regular phone calls to her
      > relatives and friends while she remains in
      > confinement.
      > The International Society for Iranian Studies-
      > Committee for Academic & Intellectual Freedom
      > http://www.humanities.uci.edu/iranian-studies/caif/
      > ______________________________________________________
      > (Established 1967)
      > Committee for Academic & Intellectual Freedom
      > (ISIS-CAIF))
      > The International Society for Iranian Studies (ISIS),
      > formerly the Society for Iranian Studies, was founded
      > in 1967 as an academic society to support and promote
      > the field of Iranian Studies at the international
      > level. The ISIS, an affiliated member of the
      > international Middle East Studies Association (MESA),
      > is a private, not-for-profit, non-political
      > organization of persons interested in Iranian Studies
      > in the broadest sense. The Society is run by an
      > elected council and executive council. The objectives
      > of the Society are to promote high standards of
      > scholarship in the field, to encourage the teaching of
      > Iranian Studies at the graduate and under-graduate
      > levels, to encourage and facilitate scholarly exchange
      > amongst its international membership.
      > The International Society for Iranian Studies
      > publishes the journal Iranian Studies that continues
      > to serve as the principal journal in the field, as
      > well as a newsletter for the membership: ISISNews.
      > As an independent, non-partisan, non-political,
      > multi-disciplinary international community of over 500
      > scholars, students, academic and non-academic
      > researchers, and aficionados of Iranian studies, the
      > ISIS is committed to promoting free exchange of ideas,
      > freedom of expression in all forms and all media, and
      > unrestricted pursuit of (academic and non-academic)
      > research, instruction, publication, and presentation
      > (in Iran and internationally) without fear of
      > intimidation and persecution. The ISIS considers any
      > restriction on peaceful acquisition and dissemination
      > of knowledge in any form as violation of basic rights
      > of individuals and detrimental to promoting greater
      > understanding and awareness of Iranian society,
      > cultures, and history. The organization maintains that
      > comprehensive academic and wide-ranging intellectual
      > freedom (including artistic and journalistic freedom)
      > cannot exist without broader respect for freedom of
      > expression as well as basic guarantees and provisions
      > of the right to assembly, travel, individual safety
      > and security, and human rights--irrespective of gender
      > and sexual orientation, class, national/ethnic/racial
      > identity, political ideology, and/or
      > religious/non-religious views of individuals.
      > In its non-partisan advocacy of academic and
      > intellectual freedom and promotion of Iranian Studies,
      > the ISIS urges international, national, and local
      > governmental and non-governmental authorities to fully
      > respect and protect the basic rights of individuals
      > engaged in Iran-related research and intellectual
      > production in its broadest definition, in keeping with
      > the organization�s promotion of knowledge and exchange
      > of ideas; providing full legal guarantees and
      > assiduously safeguarding freedom of expression as well
      > as pursuit of academic and non-academic research,
      > instruction, publication, and presentation. In
      > pursuance of these objectives, the ISIS Committee for
      > Academic & Intellectual Freedom (ISIS-CAIF) shall
      > monitor, document, internationally publicize, and
      > bring to the attention of concerned authorities any
      > infringement or neglect of Iranian- and Iran-related
      > academic and intellectual freedom (in the broadest
      > sense), and demand immediate end to such violations.
      > ISIS-CAIF
      > ISIS_CAIF@...
      > http://www.humanities.uci.edu/iranian-studies/caif/
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