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Final Program of the Terracottas Conference

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  • The Terracottas Conference
    Dear List Members, Dear Colleagues, Greetings from Izmir to all! Below is the finalized full program of the lectures at the Terracottas Conference (without
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      Dear List Members, Dear Colleagues,

      Greetings from Izmir to all! Below is the finalized full program of the
      lectures at the Terracottas Conference (without posters though). 95 Poster
      presentations were put in our web site.
      The final Conference program is also available at our website:


      It is still possible to register new participants as a poster presenter or
      as an observer. Please let other colleagues know at your institutions. All
      you need to do is to fill in the form below and send it back to us at
      <terracottas@...> as soon as possible.

      Ms / Mrs / Mr / Dr / Prof. Name FAMILY NAME (City)
      E-Mail: <>.
      GSM Number (with Country Code):
      Passport (and/or National ID) Number:
      Hotel Reservation Required: Yes; No.
      Double or Single:
      Total Stay: ___ Nights.
      Number of Persons Required a Hotel Reservation:
      Preferred Hotel Price:
      Travel from:
      Travel To:
      Travel Company:
      Participation to the 1st Day Post-Conference Excursion: Yes; No.
      Participation to the 2nd Day Post-Conference Excursion: Yes; No.
      Special Requirements:

      The Conference organizers seek to widen participation at this Conference,
      and would like to encourage colleagues from all parts of the world to
      attend. The Conference Committee kindly requests that you alert any
      persons within your research community who would be interested in
      participating at this conference, either by forwarding our e-mail, or by
      printing these documents and displaying it in your institution.
      We hope that you will be able to join us at Dokuz Eylul University, and
      look forward to seeing you in Izmir!

      Conference Contact Address:

      Yard. Doc. Dr. Ergun Lafli, M.A.
      Dokuz Eylul Universitesi, Fen-Edebiyat Fakultesi, Arkeoloji Bolumu
      Oda No: A 461/1, Tinaztepe/Kaynaklar Yerleskesi, Buca, TR-35160, Izmir,
      Tel.: +90.232.412 87 24.
      Fax: +90.232.453 41 88.
      E-Mail: <terracottas@...>
      Web Site: <http://web.deu.edu.tr/terracottas/>.


      June 2 / 2 juin

      9 h Opening Speeches / Ouverture du colloque

      9 h 30 – 11 h 30: Session C1

      Introduction - Links with Other Arts / Introduction – Liens avec d’autres

      9 h 30 Ergun Lafli
      Introduction I. Coroplastic Studies in Turkey.

      9 h 50 Arthur Muller
      Introduction II. Les recherches en coroplathie : orientations recentes,

      10 h 10 Eva-Maria Christof
      Darstellungen figurlicher Terrakotten in der Flaechenkunst.

      10 h 30 Elisabetta Gagetti
      Terracottas and ‘Precious Statuettes’. The Same Iconographies in Clay and
      in Luxury:
      Non-Metallic Materials from Hellenistic to Roman Ages.

      10 h 50 Michael Vickers
      The Informative Role of Ivory in Ancient Coroplasty.

      11 h 10 Discussion.

      12 h – 14 h : Session C2 – Chairman / Presidence : Oliver PILZ

      Coroplast’s Workshops / Ateliers de coroplathes

      12 h Georgios M. Sanidas
      Les ateliers de coroplathes : espaces et fonctionnements.

      12 h 20 Jutta StroszeCk
      Koroplasten im Kerameikos.

      12 h 40 Marcie Handler
      New Evidence for Roman Coroplasts in Athens

      13 h Kalliopi Preka-Alexandri
      Terracotta Figurines and Clay Moulds from Deposits in Sanctuaries and
      Workshops of Corfu.

      13 h 20 Polyxeni Adam-Veleni
      Les figurines de terre cuite de la ville hellenistique de Petres
      (Macedoine occidentale).

      13 h 40 Discussion.

      14 h – 16 h : Lunch / Dejeuner

      16 h – 17 h 30 : Poster Session P1-P2-P3

      17 h – 19 h : Session C3

      Distribution: Ionian Koine and Others / Diffusion : koinè ionienne et autres

      17 h Volkmar von Graeve
      Die Typen der milesischen Terrakotten in archaischer Zeit. Ein Uberblick.

      17 h 20 Stephanie Huysecom-Haxhi
      Production et diffusion des figurines ioniennes dans la Mediterranee
      archaïque :
      quelques exemples à partir de la reconstitution des series à Thasos.

      17 h 40 Marina Albertocchi
      Archaic East-Greek Terracottas in South Sicily: Old Problems and New Data.

      18 h Silvia Martina Bertasego
      Archaic East-Greek Terracottas in South Sicily: Korai holding a Dove from
      the Thesmophorion of Bitalemi (Gela)

      18 h 20 Sabine Fourrier
      Terracottas of Cypriote Type Found in the Eastern Mediterranean.

      18 h 40 Discussion

      June 3 / 3 juin

      9 h – 11 h : Session C4 – Chairman / Presidence : Alexander NAGEL

      Production Centers: Greece / Centres de production : Grèce

      9 h Elena Kountouri, Vangelis Vivliodetis, Alexandra Charami
      Coroplastic Art from Thebes, Boeotia: Evidence from the Study of
      Terracotta Figurines Found in Graves.

      9 h 20 Marcella Pisani
      Production and Diffusion of Terracotta Figurines in Thebes (Boeotia)
      during the Hellenistic Period.

      9 h 40 Anna Banaka
      Products of Argive Coroplastic Workshops from the Archaic to the
      Hellenistic Period.

      10 h Maria G. Spathi
      The Coroplastic Art of Ancient Messene: New Material from the Sanctuaries
      of the City.

      10 h 20 Eleni Trakosopoulou
      Coroplastic Finds from Akanthos.

      10 h 40 Discussion.

      11 h 30 – 14 h : Session C5 – Chairman / Presidence : Adi ERLICH

      Production Centers: Ionia / Centres de production : Ionie

      11 h 30 Isabelle Hasselin-Rous
      Les echos de types statuaires à travers la coroplathie smyrniote.

      12 h 10 Dominique Kassab Tezgor
      Les figurines d'inspiration sculpturale mises au jour à Myrina.

      12 h 30 Fikret Ozcan
      Klassische und hellenistische Terrakotten aus Miletos.

      12 h 50 Frank Rumscheid
      Neue Typen und Themen figurlicher Terrakotten aus Priene.

      13 h 10 Sebastiana Lagona
      Le terrecotte di Kyme eolica

      13 h 30 Discussion.

      14 h – 16 h : Lunch / Dejeuner

      16 h – 17 h 30 : Poster Session P3-P4-P5 – Chairman / Presidence : Nancy

      17 h – 19 h 30 : Session C6 – Chairman / Presidence : Vincenza IORIO

      Iconographical Types / Types iconographiques

      17 h Jaimee Uhlenbrock
      A New Herakles Type and Archaic East Greek Terracottas at the Sanctuary of
      Demeter/Persephone at Cyrene.

      17 h 20 Victoria Sabetai
      Female Protomes from Chaironeia in Boeotia.

      17 h 40 Maria Deoudi
      Bendis — Was bedeuten die Terrakotten der Thrakerin in Kleinasien?

      18 h Neguine Mathieux
      L’etude d’un type: les sirènes de Myrina.

      18 h 20 Claudia Lang-Auinger
      Männliche Puppen aus Ephesos in der Art des Fischertypus.

      18 h 40 Feristah Soykal Alanyali
      Die weibliche Gewandfiguren aus dem sog. Felsspalttempel in Ephesos.

      19 h Discussion.

      20 h – 22 h : Cocktail and Dinner at the French Cultural Institute at
      Izmir / Diner et cocktail au Centre Culturel Francais d’Izmir (Cumhuriyet
      Bulvari No. 152, Alsancak, 35210 Izmir).

      June 4 / 4 juin

      9 h – 11 h : Session C7

      Function : Profane Contexts / Fonctions en contexte profane

      9 h Elektra Zographou
      Agora de Thessalonique : les terres cuites du complexe balneaire.

      9 h 20 Heather F. Sharpe
      Religious and Decorative Uses of Terracottas in Houses at Olynthus.

      9 h 40 Caitlin Ellis Barrett
      Harpocrates on Rheneia: Two Egyptianizing Terracotta Figurines from the
      Necropolis of Delos.

      10 h Sarah Japp
      The Terracotta Figurines of « Bau Z » and of the « Podiensaalgebaeude » in

      10 h 20 Elisabeth Rathmayr
      Terrakotten aus dem Hanghaus 2 in Ephesos.

      10 h 40 Discussion.

      11 h 30 – 14 h : Session C8

      Function : Funeral Contexts / Fonctions en contextes funeraires

      11 h 30 Agnes Schwarzmaier
      Function and Meaning of Some Terracotta Figurines in Classical Girl Graves
      at Athens.

      11 h 50 Violaine Jeammet, Alexandra Harami
      Des Tanagreennes a Thebes. Une remise en contexte.

      12 h 10 Margherita Bonanno Aravantinos
      The Tomb 404 from the North-Eastern Necropolis of Thebes (Boeotia).

      12 h 30 Candan Kozanli
      Terracotta Figurines from the Parion Necropolis.

      12 h 50 Discussion.

      Function : Votive Contexts / Fonctions en contextes votifs

      13 h 10 Theodora B. Kopetonski
      Cueing Behavior: Figurines in Roadside Shrines at Corinth.

      13 h 30 Ioannis Mylonopoulos
      Terracotta Figurines from Ithaca: Between Local Production and Imported Ware.

      14 h – 16 h : Lunch / Dejeuner

      16 h – 17 h 30 : Poster Session P7-P8-P9

      17 h – 19 h 30 : Session C9 – Chairman / Presidence : Fede BERTI

      17 h Kathleen Donahue Sherwood
      Worshipper Figurines at Mytilene.

      17 h 20 Ulrike Muss, Martine Dewailly
      L’Artemision d’Ephese : les offrandes votives en terre cuite de l’epoque

      17 h 40 Nese Atİk
      Terracotta Figurines from Heraion Teichos (modern Karaevlialti) in
      Tekirdag, Turkish Thrace.

      18 h Gul Isin
      Terracotta Figurines from Yumaklar/Arpalik Tepe Cave Site in Pisidia.

      18 h 20 Latife Summerer
      The Votive Terracottas from the Mountain Sanctuary on Top of the Cirisli

      18 h 40 Discussion.

      19 h Conclusions.
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