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Dorushe Graduate Student Conference on Syriac, April 14-15, Princeton University

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  • David Michelson
    Please forward as appropriate: Dorushe Annual Graduate Student Conference on Syriac Studies The Department of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University in
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      Please forward as appropriate:

      Dorushe Annual Graduate Student Conference on Syriac Studies

      The Department of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University in
      cooperation with Beth Mardutho’s Dorushe Graduate Student Association is
      pleased to announce the 2007 Dorushe Graduate Student Syriac Studies

      This year's conference will be held at Princeton University, Princeton,
      N.J. on April 14-15, 2007. In addition to graduate student papers, Dr.
      David Taylor, Oxford University, will deliver keynote remarks.


      Current graduate students and recent M.A. or Ph.D. recipients are
      invited to join us for this event. Pre-registration is required. Please
      contact dorushe@... <mailto:dorushe@...> to
      register and to receive further information about the conference
      schedule and location. Please indicate your current or recent student
      status when you register. Information is available here:

      Panel One:

      “Two Spring Festivals in the Syriac Liturgical Calendar – Traces of an
      Archaic Calendar System?” Vitalijs Permjakovs, University of Notre Dame

      “The Place of the Syro-Roman Law Book in Syrian Legal Traditions,”
      Henryk Jaronowski, Leopold-Wenger-Institut für Rechtsgeschichte,
      University of Munich

      Panel Two:

      “Tafsīr al-Tawrāt: Jewish and Christian Exegetes in the Muslim Empire,”
      Miriam Goldstein, Hebrew University

      “Use and Interpretation of Scripture Amongst Muslim and Christian
      Mystics of the 7th Through 10th Centuries,” Kevin Casey, University of

      “Ibn Qutayba’s Usage of Arabic Biblical References: A Place for Syriac
      Informants?” Robert Riggs, University of Pennsylvania

      Panel Three:

      “The Acts of Mari and the Rhetoric of Syriac Missionary Narratives,”
      Jeanne-Nicole Saint-Laurent, Brown University

      “The Literary Structure and Historical World Vision of Pseudo-Ephrem’s
      Sermon on the End of the World,” Jeffrey Wickes, University of Notre Dame

      Plenary Address:

      David Taylor, Oriental Institute, Oxford University

      Panel Four:

      “The Problem of Evil in the Syriac Translation of the Book of Ben
      Sira,” Michal Bar-Asher Siegal, Yale University

      “Jacob of Edessa’s Knowledge of Hebrew,” Andrew Finke, University of

      Panel Five:

      “Syriac as an Eastern Aramaic Dialect – Reassessment of the Evidence,”
      Elitzur Avraham Bar-Asher, Harvard University

      “From Antaura to the Evil Eye: Early-modern Syriac Magical Charms and
      Their Pre-Christian Origin,” Edward Schoolman, UCLA

      Concluding Discussion:

      Emmanuel Papoutsakis, Princeton University, and David Taylor

      Planning Committee: David Michelson (chair), Carmen Meier, Jeanne-Nicole
      Saint-Laurent, Jonathan Loopstra, Daniel L. Schwartz, Anne Seville, Jack
      Tannous, George Kiraz (Beth Mardutho) and Emmanuel Papoutsakis (faculty

      Support for this conference is being provided by Princeton University’s
      Department of Near Eastern Studies, Group for the Study of Late
      Antiquity, Center for the Study of Religion, Program in Hellenic
      Studies, History Department, Program in the Ancient World, Program in
      Medieval Studies, and the Dean of the Graduate School.

      David A. Michelson

      Acting Associate Director

      Center for the Study of Religion

      5 Ivy Lane

      Princeton University

      Princeton, NJ 08540 USA


      Phone: 609-258-2281

      Fax: 609-258-6940

      E-mail: dmichels@... <mailto:dmichels@...>

      Web: www.princeton.edu/~csrelig <http://www.princeton.edu/%7Ecsrelig/>

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