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  • Joe Zias
    For those of you who missed the recent block buster Exodus De-coded, this is the second coming of this pseudo-arch by Simcha et al. It s part of a much
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2007
      For those of you who missed the recent 'block buster' Exodus De-coded, this is the 'second coming' of this 'pseudo-arch" by Simcha et al. It's part of a much longer series entitled The Naked Archaeologist, the fact that he is not an arch. it would appear to be a minor issue.
      Anyway, regarding the James Ossuary, it seems to migrate from time to time and place to place. Lets start with the timing, The story first broke a few yrs back and no sooner did it break, that Tabor and Gibson wrote that it came from their tomb in Silwan which was looted a few yrs earlier. Nice idea as their robbed tomb has the remnants of a shroud, once this played out in the media, they now have conveniently moved the orig. find site to Talpiot the orig. Hill of Evil counsel, a few kms to the south AKA the Jesus Family Tomb excavated in 1980 by the IAA, convinced ? It gets messier as they now contend that the so called 10Th missing ossuary, from Talpiot was stolen from either the tomb itself in 1980 of from the offices of the IAA sometime after 1980. Well so far so good time wise until the owner of the James Ossuary which the IAA declared to be forged, produced a few days ago a photo of the James Ossuary with a time stamp from 1976. Difficult to explain, not when one of
      the co-authors writes books entitled the Ghosts of the Titanic, Ghosts of Vesuvius, etc.

      Joe Zias

      Jim West <jwest@...> wrote:

      kirk921@... wrote:
      > I think the Jesus Tomb film is a publicity stunt Jacobovici who found
      > the James Ossuary says the DNA of that ossuary matches that of the Jesus
      > Ossuary. The James Ossuary was found to be a forgery I think the Jesus
      > Ossuaries are likley forgeries as well or of mistaken idenity
      > Thank You
      > Kirk Childress

      Well, J. didn't find the James ossuary. And as to the inscriptions on
      the Talpiot ossuaries, there's no reason to think that they have forged
      inscriptions. The issue isn't the inscription, its the suggestion that
      those ossuaries are the very ossuaries of Jesus and his family.

      Jim West, ThD

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