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  • cejo@uchicago.edu
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2007
      >in its 44th year
      >an Interdisciplinary Humanities Seminar
      >under the auspices of the UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA
      >Department of Religious Studies
      >201 Logan Hall
      >with support from the Penn Humanities Forum
      >TOPIC FOR 2006-2007: Rethinking History, Theory, and Texts: New
      >Theoretical and Methodological Endeavors
      >Debra Bucher (University of Pennsylvania) dbucher AT pobox.upenn.edu
      >Sarah Schwarz (Haverford College) schwarz.sl AT gmail.com
      >Douglas Finkbeiner (University of Pennsylvania)
      >Jay C. Treat (University of Pennsylvania) jtreat AT ccat.sas.upenn.edu
      >The topic for the 44th year of PSCO is "Re-thinking History, Theory, and
      >Texts: New Theoretical and Methodological Endeavors." We take our theme
      >from Elizabeth Clark's recent book, History, Theory Text: Historians and
      >the Linguistic Turn, in which she attempts to persuade historians of
      >ancient texts, especially those of early Christianity, "that the texts
      >they study are highly amenable to the types of
      >literary/philosophical/theoretical critique that have excited other
      >humanities disciplines under the rubric of post-structuralism" (p.ix). We
      >are inviting scholars to share current work that utilizes new
      >theoretical approaches in interpreting ancient Jewish and Christian texts.
      >The next PSCO session will be with Stanley Stowers (Brown University) on
      >Thursday, February 15, 2007. The title of his presentation is "Towards a
      >Social Explanation for the Formation of Christian Anti-Judaism." In
      >preparation for the talk, Professor Stowers recommends the following
      >1. Stanley K. Stowers, "Types of Myths, Meals and Power: Paul and the
      >Corinthians." In: Redescribing Christian Origins. R. Cameron and M.
      >Miller, eds. (Symposium Series: Society of Biblical Literature,
      >forthcoming), especially pp.1-29. Available on the PSCO website at
      >2. Pierre Bourdieu, The Field of Cultural Production. Randall Johnson,
      >ed. (Columbia U. P., 1993), pp.29-73.
      >3. J. Z. Smith, "Re. Corinthians," in Relating Religion: Essays in the
      >Study of Religion. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2004), pp.340-361.
      >As usual, we will gather at the University of Pennsylvania in Logan Hall
      >(2nd floor lounge) at 6 pm for an informal dinner in the nearby Food
      >Court, and then meet back in the Logan Hall Lounge for Professor Clark's
      >The PSCO web site is at http://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/psco/
      >Bob Kraft, coordinator
      >Robert A. Kraft, Religious Studies, University of Pennsylvania
      >227 Logan Hall (Philadelphia PA 19104-6304); tel. 215 898-5827
      >kraft AT ccat.sas.upenn.edu
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