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  • Francis Deblauwe
    As you may have noticed ;-) I haven t updated anything in about two months now. My recent move was a large factor in this; however, I have also been
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 17, 2006
      As you may have noticed ;-) I haven't updated anything in about two
      months now. My recent move was a large factor in this; however, I have
      also been reassessing the overall usefulness of the IW&A project under
      its current format. I have been forced to reconsider whether it makes
      sense for me to continue IW&A on the same basis without any meaningful
      and secure funding. For over 3 years now, it has been a time-intensive
      labor of love of basically one man only... It's also been
      disheartening to watch Iraq fall apart at the seams, with no
      improvement in sight. You could say that I was a bit burnt out...
      Nevertheless, I'm not ready to just give up. As always, any ideas or
      suggestions are welcome!


      For hyperlinks and news, see the archived Iraq War & Archaeology site
      (http://www.archaeos.org/iwa or http://iwa.univie.ac.at). This site
      lists, summarizes, annotates and archives relevant news and information
      regarding the Iraq War and its impact on archaeological/historical

      Please call or e-mail if you have questions of substance.  If you make
      meaningful use of the IW&A web site, I expect you to mention it and/or
      hyperlink to the web site in your articles or on your web sites. If
      you wish to be removed from this occasional reminder e-mail list or
      would like to suggest someone to be included, please e-mail me.


      Francis Deblauwe

      Francis Deblauwe, Lic., Ph.D.

      Director & Editor, The Iraq War & Archaeology
      An Archaeos, Inc., Documentation and Information Project
      Archaeos, Inc., New York, USA

      Research Associate / Director, IWA-Projekt
      Institut für Orientalistik, Universität Wien, Austria

      +1 (816) 943-6300

      The Iraq War & Archaeology -- http://www.archaeos.org/iwa or
      Academic Page of F. Deblauwe -- http://iwa.univie.ac.at/academic.html
      Writing Page of F. Deblauwe --

      Ceterum censeo Mesopotamiam antiquam muniendam esse.
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