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Aula Orientalis 23 (2005)

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  • Robert Whiting
    ... ============================ Just appeared: AULA ORIENTALIS 23/1-2/2005: Proceedings of the Barcelona Symposium on Comparative Semitics, 11/19-20/2004 ,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2006
      From Jack Sasson via the agade list:

      >From Gegorio del Olmo Lete <olmolete@...>:

      Just appeared:

      AULA ORIENTALIS 23/1-2/2005: "Proceedings of the Barcelona
      Symposium on Comparative Semitics, 11/19-20/2004", pp. 279.


      G. del Olmo Lete, Opening Session:the International Group on
      Comp.Sem. 5

      A. Zaborski, Comparative Semitic Studies : status quaestionis 9

      R. Garr, The Comparative Method in Semitic Linguistics 17

      G. Gragg, Morphology and Root Structure : a Beja Perspective 23

      P. Fronzaroli, Etymologies 35

      G. Rubio, Chasing the Semitic Root: The Skeleton in the Closet 45

      J. Sanmartín, The Semantic Potential of Bases and Themes 65

      A. Militarev, Root extension and Root formation in Semitic and
      Afrasian 83

      L. Kogan, Observations on Proto-Semitic Vocalism 131

      F. Corriente, The Phonemic System of Semitic from ... Arabic 169

      F. Pennacchietti, Ripercussioni sintattiche in conseguenza
      dell'introduzione dell'articolo determinativo proclitico in
      semitico 175

      G. del Olmo Lete, Etymological and Comparative Semitics. Phonology
      versus Semantics : Questions of Method 185

      W.G.E. Watson, Loanwords in Semitic 191

      A. Lonnet, Emprunts intra-sémitiques: l'exemple des emprunts arabes
      en sudarabique moderne 199

      G. Takács, Recent problems of Semitic-Egyptian and Semito-Cushitic
      and -Chadic consonant correspondences 207

      G. del Olmo Lete, The Fundamental Problems of Comparative
      Linguistics. A forgotten Spanish contribution from the early 20th
      Century 233


      Editorial AUSA
      Apdo. 101
      28280 Sabadell - Barcelona (Spain)
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