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Re: humped bulls

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  • arenmaeir
    There is a just-published article by A. Spycket Itineraire du zebu au Proche-Orient ancien in the Fs for J.-C. Margueron ( Les espaces Syro-Mesopotamiens
    Message 1 of 3 , May 29, 2006
      There is a just-published article by A. Spycket "Itineraire du zebu
      au Proche-Orient ancien" in the Fs for J.-C. Margueron ("Les espaces
      Syro-Mesopotamiens ..."), just out from Brepols.
      You can find some of the basic materials and discussion there.

      Aren Maeir

      --- In ANE-2@yahoogroups.com, febraun <febraun@...> wrote:
      > Amihai excavated something called "The Bull Site" in Samaria/W
      Bank hill country n of Jslm. It is so named for a diminutive
      figurine of a young, humped bull. Probably it was published a decade
      ago. You might try Israel Exploration Journal or BASOR.
      > Catherine M. Draycott wrote:
      > > Following the wonderful response to a request for references on
      > > I wonder if any group members have references on humped bullocks
      > > icongraphy and agriculture in antiquity (c. 2000 BC - AD 300)?
      > > Many thanks,
      > > Catherine M. Draycott,
      > > Inistitute of Archaeology,
      > > Oxford, UK
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      > Eliot Braun, Ph D
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