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Some useful works re Zoroastrianism and other religions

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  • Clark Whelton
    Some useful worksJenny Rose, a Zoroastrian scholar, compiled a list (below) of books and articles that may be of interest to those who are studying
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 23, 2013
      Some useful worksJenny Rose, a Zoroastrian scholar, compiled a list (below) of books
      and articles that may be of interest to those who are studying
      interactions between Zoroastrians and other religions in
      the ANE.

      Clark Whelton
      New York

      Zoroastrians and Jews:
      Jon L. Berquist, Approaching Yehud: New Approaches to the Study of the Persian Period, Brill, 2008
      Lisbeth Fried, The Priest and the Great King: Temple-Palace relations in the Persian Empire, Eisenbrauns, 2004
      Charles Carter, The Emergence of Yehud in the Persian Period: A Social and Demographic Study. JSOT Supp. 294. Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1999.
      Judah and the Judeans in the Neo-Babylonian Period. Edited by Oded Lipschits and Joseph Blenkinsopp. Winona Lake, Ind.: Eisenbrauns, 2003.
      Lester Grabbe, A History of the Jews and Judaism in the Second Temple Period. Volume I. Yehud: A History of the Persian Province of Judah. London and New York: T&T Clark, 2006.
      Albertz, Rainer and Bob Becking, eds. Yahwism after the Exile: Perspectives on Israelite Religion in the Persian Period. Papers read at the first meeting of the European Association for Biblical Studies, Utrecht, 6-9 August, 2000. Assen: Van Gorcum, 2003.
      Persia and Torah: The Theory of Imperial Authorization of the Pentateuch. Edited by James W. Watts, Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2001.
      Kyong-Jin Lee, The Authority and Authorization of Torah in the Persian Period. Leuven: Peeters, 2011.
      The Talmud in Its Iranian Context. Edited by Carol Bakhos and Rahim M. Shayegan, Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2010
      Lisbeth S. Fried, “Cyrus the Messiah? The Historical Background to Isaiah 45:1,” Harvard Theological Review 95.4 (2002): 373-393.

      Zoroastrians, Jews and Christians:
      Greg Riley, The River of God: A New History of Christian Origins, Harper 2001
      Edwin Yamauchi, Persia and the Bible, Baker, 1990
      John R. Hinnells, “Zoroastrian Influence on Judaism and Christianity: Some Further Reflections.” In Zoroastrian and Parsi Studies: Selected Works of John R. Hinnells, 73-92. Aldershot: Ashgate, 2000.
      Anders Hultgård, “Zoroastrian Influences on Judaism, Christianity and Islam.” In Michael Stausberg, Zarathustra and Zoroastrianism, 101-112. London: Equinox, 2008.
      Norman Cohn, “Zoroastrians, Jews and Christians.” In Cosmos, Chaos and the World to Come, 220-231. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1993.
      Anders Hultgård, “Persian Apocalypticism.” In The Encyclopaedia of Apocalypticism Vol. 1. Edited by John J. Collins, 39-83. New York: Continuum, 1998.
      Almut Hintze, “The Saviour and the Dragon in Iranian and Jewish/Christian Eschatology.” In Irano-Judaica IV: Studies Relating to Jewish Contacts with Persian Culture Throughout the Ages. Edited by Shaul Shaked and Amnon Netzer, 72-90. Jerusalem: Ben-Zvi Institute, 1994.
      John R. Hinnells, “Zoroastrian Saviour Imagery and its Influence on the New Testament.” In Zoroastrian and Parsi Studies, 45-72. Aldershot: Ashgate, 2000.

      Zoroastrians and Muslims:
      Richard G. Hovannisian and Georges Sabagh, The Persian Presence in the Islamic World, Cambridge, 1998.
      Annemarie Schimmel, Mystical Dimensions of Islam, Chapel Hill, 1975
      Philippe Gignoux, ed. Recurrent Patterns in Iranian Religions: From Mazdaism to Sufism, Paris, 1992
      Kathryn Babayan, Mystics, Monarchs and Messiahs: Cultural Landscapes of Early Modern Iran, Harvard 2002

      On the Date of Zarathushtra/Old Avestan:
      A.S. Shahbazi, ‘Recent Speculations on the “Traditional Date of Zoroaster” Studia Iranica 31 (2002): 7-45
      Peter Kingsley, “The Greek orgin of the sixth-century dating of Zoroaster,” BSOAS 53.2 (1990): 245-265
      Almut Hintze, (2009) 'Avestan Literature.' In: Emmerick, Ronald E. and Macuch, Maria, (eds.), The Literature of Pre-Islamic Iran. Companion Volume I to A History of Persian Literature. London: Taurus, pp. 1-71.
      Almut Hintze, (1998) 'The Migrations of the Indo-Iranians and the Iranian Sound-Change s > h.' In: Meid, Wolfgang, (ed.), Sprache und Kultur der Indogermanen. Akten der 10.Fachtagung der Indo­germanischen Gesellschaft, Innsbruck 22.-29.9.1996. Innsbruck: Institut für Sprachwissenschaft, 139-153,
      Nicholas Sims-Williams (ed.): Indo-Iranian Languages and Peoples. Oxford 2000.
      P.O. Skjaervø, “The Achaemenids and the Avesta,” in Birth of the Persian Empire ed. V.S. Curtis and S. Stewart, I.B. Tauris, 2005: 52-84.
      Skjaervø also has several articles in recent volumes of the New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, including, Avesta, Parthia, Persia and the Bible and Zoroaster: for publication details, see http://isites.harvard.edu/fs/docs/icb.topic991821.files//POS_CV_Biblio.pdf

      Prof. Hintze’s inaugural lecture at SOAS can be seen here: http://www.soas.ac.uk/staff/staff31114.php

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