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21 more volumes of "Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization (SAOC)" online

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  • Charles E. Jones
    Twenty-one more volumes of the series Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization (SAOC) are Newly Online from the Oriental Institute s Backlist: SAOC 46. The
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 14, 2012
      Twenty-one more volumes of the series Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization (SAOC) are Newly Online from the Oriental Institute's Backlist:

      "SAOC 46. The Organization of Power: Aspects of Bureaucracy in the Ancient Near East. McGuire Gibson and Robert D. Biggs, eds. (Second Edition with Corrections). Originally published in 1991."
      "SAOC 41. Ecology and Empire: The Structure of the Urartian State. Paul E. Zimansky. Originally published in 1985."
      "SAOC 36. The Hilly Flanks and Beyond: Essays on the Prehistory of Southwestern Asia Presented to Robert J. Braidwood, November 15, 1982. T. Cuyler Young, Jr., Philip E. L. Smith, and Peder Mortensen, editors. Originally published in 1983."
      "SAOC 32. Patterns in the Early Poetry of Israel. Stanley Gevirtz. Originally published in 1963."
      "SAOC 25. The Comparative Archeology of Early Mesopotamia. Ann Louise Perkins. Originally published in 1949."
      "SAOC 24. Babylonian Chronology, 626 B.C. - A.D. 45. Richard A. Parker and Waldo H. Dubberstein. Originally published in 1942."
      "SAOC 23. The Comparative Stratigraphy of Early Iran. Donald E. McCown. Originally published in 1942."
      "SAOC 22. Hurrians and Subarians. Ignace J. Gelb. Originally published in 1944."
      "SAOC 21. Hittite Hieroglyphs 3. Ignace J. Gelb. Originally published in 1942."
      "SAOC 18. The Hyksos Reconsidered. Robert M. Engberg. Originally published in 1939."
      "SAOC 15. The Kurrah Papyri from Aphrodito in the Oriental Institute. Nabia Abbott. Originally published in 1938."
      "SAOC 14. Hittite Hieroglyphs 2. Ignace J. Gelb. Originally published in 1935."
      "SAOC 13. The Oriental Origin of Hellenistic Kingship. Calvin W. McEwan. Originally published in 1934."
      "SAOC 11. Epiphanius’ Treatise on Weights and Measures: The Syriac Version. James Elmer Dean, ed. With a Foreword by Martin Sprengling. Originally published in 1935."
      "SAOC 10. Notes on the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age Pottery of Megiddo. Robert M. Engberg and Geoffrey M. Shipton. Originally published in 1934."
      "SAOC 9. Die Pakhy-Sprache. Julius von Meszaros. Originally published in 1934."
      "SAOC 7. Plano-Convex Bricks and the Methods of Their Employment; II. The Treatment of Clay Tablets in the Field. Pinhas Delougaz. Originally published in 1933."
      "SAOC 6. Kitab al-Zahrah: The Book of the Flower. Composed by Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibn Abi Sulaiman Dawud Al-Isfahani. A. R. Nykl, ed. In collaboration with Ibrahim Tuqan. Originally published in 1932."
      "SAOC 4. Archeology and the Sumerian Problem. Henri Frankfort. Originally published in 1932."
      "SAOC 3. Die Hethitische Bilderschrift. Emil O. Forrer. Originally published in 1932."
      "SAOC 2. Hittite Hieroglyphs 1. Ignace J. Gelb. Originally published in 1931."


      -Chuck Jones-
      ISAW - NYU
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