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New Articles and Reviews in JHS

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  • christophe.nihan@unil.ch
    Dear All, I am glad to announce the publication of two new articles in the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures (http://www.jhsonline.org/index.html). Matthijs J. DE
    Message 1 of 9 , Oct 15, 2012
      Dear All,

      I am glad to announce the publication of two new articles in
      the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures

      Matthijs J. DE JONG, "The Fallacy of 'True and False' in
      Prophecy Illustrated by Jer 28:8–9."

      Abstract: The understanding of biblical prophetic literature
      has been hindered by a presumed dichotomy between prophecy
      of salvation and prophecy of judgement. This can be
      illustrated by Jer 28:8-9. That text has always been
      interpreted on the basis of this dichotomy, but the result
      is a forced reading. This article proposes an alternative
      reading that suits better the text, the inner logic of ch.
      28, and the traditions contained in chs. 27-29. The article
      further argues that the mentioned dichotomy has no base in
      historical prophecy.

      To access the article directly please go to


      Benjamin D. COX and Susan ACKERMAN, "Micah’s Teraphim."

      Abstract: In publications in the 1990’s, K. van der Toorn
      and T.J. Lewis revived and argued persuasively for a
      reconstruction identifying the biblical teraphim as
      representations of a family’s deceased ancestors. In this
      paper, we look at the story of Micah’s teraphim in Judges
      17-18 to suggest that this identification of the teraphim as
      ancestor figurines is well supported by and, indeed,
      clarifies certain details of the Micah account. Our
      interpretation also illuminates other teraphim accounts, for
      example, Rachel’s theft of her father Laban’s teraphim
      in Gen 31:19-35.

      To access the article directly please go to


      Also, I am glad to announce the publication of several new
      reviews in JHS:

      1. Coomber, Matthew J. M. (ed.), Bible and Justice: Ancient
      Texts, Modern Challenges (London: Equinox, 2011). (Reviewed
      by Shannon E. Baines).

      2. Harvey, Bruce J., YHWH Elohim: A Survey of Occurrences in
      the Leningrad Codex and their Corresponding Septuagintal
      Renderings (LHBOTS 537; Hebrew Bible and its Versions 6;
      London/New York: T&T Clark, 2011). (Reviewed by Michael P.

      3. Houtman, Alberdina and Harry Sysling, Alternative Targum
      Traditions: The Use of Variant Readings for the Study in
      Origin and History of Targum Jonathan (Studies in the
      Aramaic Interpretation of Scripture, 9; Leiden: Brill,
      2009). (Reviewed by William Tooman).

      4. Hundley, Michael B., Keeping Heaven on Earth:
      Safeguarding the Divine Presence in the Priestly Tabernacle
      (FAT II, 50; Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2011). (Reviewed by
      Mark K. George).

      5. Kalimi, Isaac (ed.), New Perspectives on Ezra-Nehemiah:
      History and Historiography, Text, Literature, and
      Interpretation (Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, 2012).
      (Reviewed by Steven J. Schweitzer).

      6. Kupfer, Christian, Mit Israel auf dem Weg durch die
      Wüste: eine leseorientierte Exegese der Rebellionstexte in
      Exodus 15:22–17:7 und Numeri 11:1–20:13 (OTS, 61;
      Leiden: Brill, 2012). (Reviewed by Nathan MacDonald).

      7. VanderKam, James C., The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible
      (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2012). (Reviewed by Robert C.

      8. Way, Kenneth C., Donkeys in the Biblical World: Ceremony
      and Symbol (History, Archaeology, and Culture of the Levant,
      2; Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, 2011). (Reviewed by Gerald
      A. Klingbeil).

      9. Wood, Alice, Of Wings and Wheels: A Synthetic Study of
      the Biblical Cherubim (BZAW, 385; Berlin and New York: de
      Gruyter, 2008). (Reviewed by Michael Hundley).

      To access the reviews directly please go to


      JHS is now offering hypertext/ hyperlinked versions of all
      articles and reviews published from 1996 to 2009 (inclusive
      of 2009). We are currently working to include versions of
      the 2010/2011 articles and reviews.


      Christophe Nihan
      University of Lausanne (Switzerland)
      Associate General Editor, Journal of Hebrew Scriptures


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      the LOGOS version of JHS vols 10-11 is about to be released;
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