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[BookNews] Special April First edition

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  • James Spinti
    For your enjoyment…a great line up from Winged Bull Press, as always. James ________________________________ James Spinti Marketing Director, Book Sales
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2012
      For your enjoyment�a great line up from Winged Bull Press, as always.


      James Spinti
      Marketing Director, Book Sales Division
      Eisenbrauns, Good books for more than 35 years
      Specializing in Ancient Near Eastern and Biblical Studies
      jspinti at eisenbrauns dot com
      Web: http://www.eisenbrauns.com
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      > Subject: [BookNews] Special April First edition
      > Date: April 1, 2012 1:05:51 PM EDT
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      > Winged Bull Press new releases
      > Winged Bull Press has been searching the globe again, looking for the finest in dilettante scholarship. I hope you find their annual offerings worth your time. Enjoy! �James
      > Elsie Dinsmore Learns Ugaritic
      > by Martha Finley
      > Elsie Dinsmore 30
      > Winged Bull Press, Forthcoming Fall 2012. Paper. English.
      > List Price: $29.99
      > Your Price: $26.99
      > Enter the world of Elsie Dinsmore! Christian values, innocent romance, and family fun have captivated generations of girls eager to follow Elsie�s life from childhood to motherhood and beyond. Book 29 finds Elsie in a life or death struggle to save the free world and Life As We Know It, as well as her loved ones. Along the way, she discovers the joys of parsing.
      > Elsie Learns Ugaritic: This recently recovered manuscript, never previously published, was originally intended to follow Elsie on the Hudson but was deemed too dangerous to... (more)
      > Maritime Echolocation Techniques of the Early Italian Explorers
      > Call and Response on the Mediterranean
      > by Mark Oh and Paul Oh
      > Winged Bull Press, Forthcoming Summer 2012. Cloth. English.
      > List Price: $150.00
      > Your Price: $135.00
      > Winged Bull Press was delighted to discover that the eminent Winged Bull author, Karen Oh, has two brothers who are experts in maritime research. Mark Oh and Paul Oh, distinguished Orientalists both, are much traveled, and keen researchers in the fields of ancient commerce and numismatics. They generously agreed to author the first authoritative history of pre-Sonar navigation in the Mediterranean.
      > Enjoy the real life� computer-generated sounds of Mark Oh, Paul Oh echolocation on the included CD-ROM as they retrace the ancient route... (more)
      > The Chamber Pot Tombs of the Twelve Apostles
      > Edited by Seems Wright and A.P. Ril
      > Winged Bull Press, Forthcoming April 2012. Cloth. English.
      > List Price: $49.99
      > Your Price: $44.99
      > Years in the research and discovering, this exciting tell-all reveals the secret Chamber Pot tombs of the early disciples of Jesus. The included real life� CD-ROM shows you the exact provinence of the finds. Marvel at the workmanship of the fish artwork on the chamber pots. Smell the remains as they are analyzed using our newly developed real life� olfactory nasal reproduction system.
      > Includes chapters entitled "How We Know Jesus Fed the Five Thousand in Talpiot with Fish Miraculously Brought Forth From a Chamber Pot" and... (more)
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