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    ANE-2 LIST PROTOCOLS VIOLATIONS CAN AND WILL RESULT IN REMOVAL FROM THE LIST. RULES - TECHNICAL Active participation in ANE-2 is limited to those whose e-mail
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2006



      Active participation in ANE-2 is limited to those whose e-mail addresses
      are subscribed to the list.

      All listmembers will receive a copy of these rules in their subscription
      confirmation message and quarterly thereafter.

      This document will be publicly posted to the list quarterly and is
      permanently archived at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ANE-2/files/
      as ANE 2 Protocols.

      The act of posting to the ANE-2 list indicates the subscriber's
      agreement to abide by the rules set forth in this document.

      The rules set forth in this document cover very broad areas. They will
      be interpreted by the moderators.

      The act of posting to the ANE-2 list indicates the subscriber's
      agreement to accept the adjudications of the moderators.


      As an academic list, ANE-2 operates as an evidence-based forum. Opinions
      on, and interpretations of, evidence may be freely discussed within the
      limits prescribed by the rules of behavior given below.

      Religion is an important part of the ANE and discussions of the history
      and development of religion and religions in the period and areas covered
      by the list are encouraged. However, proselytizing, claims of scriptural
      inerrancy, and statements advocating the superiority of one religion over
      another are not permitted.

      Virtually any sort of question is welcome on ANE-2 as long as the
      question indicates thoughtfulness and demonstrates that locally
      available resources have been exhausted.

      Non-specific answers to specific questions are not welcome on-list.
      Also, "me too" postings add little to the discussion. If you want to
      support a viewpoint, try to add a substantive comment or observation.

      Scholarship depends upon the written and published results of research.
      While short synopses of current unpublished research are welcome and
      encouraged, ANE-2 is not the place to argue unsubstantiated ideas which
      your fellow listmembers cannot follow up on in a library or from
      otherwise available evidence.

      UFOology and modern occult readings of the texts are not appropriate for
      discussion on ANE-2. Other topics that are generally not appropriate for
      discussion include personal visionary and revelatory experiences and
      modern sectarian or political agendas.

      While the discussion of eccentric ideas (even assuming such a thing can
      be defined) is not forbidden, participants expounding such ideas should
      recognize that the burden of proof is their responsibility. Not all
      ideas are equal.

      Do not post copyrighted material to ANE-2 without the permission of the
      copyright owner. Do not repost material from ANE-2 to other places
      without permission. ANE-2 is archived. The predecessor of this list was
      the ANE list hosted by the Oriental Institute of the University of
      Chicago. If you cite material posted on ANE in print or in other
      electronic media, use the URL of the appropriate section of the the

      ANE From July 1993 to early 2002:
      From early 2002 onwards:

      ANENews From July 1993 to early 2002:
      From early 2002 onwards:

      Public postings to ANE-2 must include the full name of the contributor
      and some indication of social location and/or academic affiliation at
      the end of each post. Pseudonyms and "handles" are not an acceptable
      substitute on ANE-2. Names and addresses as they appear in headers are
      not sufficient identification.

      Posting of information from authors or publishers of new publications
      and other quasi-commercial traffic is normally welcome. Explicitly
      commercial postings are not welcome. If in doubt, contact the moderators
      before posting to the list.

      Do not post essays to the list without the explicit permission of the
      moderators. Do post short notices offering to send attachments to
      interested parties off-list or post a URL where the essay, image, etc.
      can be found. Attachments (word processor files, pdf files, images,
      etc.) to postings will be removed by the list server.

      Content is also regulated by the Yahoo Terms of Service (available at
      http://docs.yahoo.com/info/terms/). Listmemebers are expected to have
      read these terms before posting.


      Respect your fellow listmembers. On-list "flaming" is not tolerated.
      Likewise, do not "flame" or otherwise harass listmembers off-list.
      Differing viewpoints and even heated argumentation are acceptable and
      welcome, but refrain from name-calling and commenting unfavorably on the
      intellectual abilities, morals, training, parentage, bathing habits,
      etc., of your fellow listmembers. Stick to the issues and to arguments
      that contribute to the debate.

      Pay close attention to what you post on ANE-2:
      - Think carefully about what you post.
      - Proofread your messages.
      - ANE-2 is archived. The archive is publicly accessible. The archive
      is indexed by large and small search engines.

      Please include in each post a subject heading that is relevant to the
      content of your message. If you are responding to a topic that was a
      minor aspect of a previous message, please change the subject heading to
      reflect what you are now addressing.

      Show consideration for your readers by observing ordinary conventions
      of capitalization and punctuation.

      Pay attention to whether a posting should be public or private. Do not
      post private mail to the list or in other public forums. Do not repost
      private mail without the explicit permission of the writer.

      If you are springboarding from another post or replying to a message from an
      ANE-2 contributor, quote only the relevant parts of messages to which you are
      responding and/or which form the basis of your post. Recipients will better
      understand your point if you do not quote items that are not directly relevant
      to your response. However, it is also considered good manners to indicate
      where parts of the original posting have been removed.

      Always remove the automatic inclusions of the list server from the end
      of the message you are replying to.

      If you read your mail from ANE-2 in a single periodic session, please
      read all the ANE-2 traffic you have accumulated before you respond to
      any of it. Your comment may already have been made or your question

      If you feel the need to respond to several messages on the same thread
      in a single session, bundle them together. If you find yourself sending
      more than three messages in a single day, consider the possibility that
      you are sending too much.

      If you need clarification of any of these rules, confer with the
      moderators at ANE-2-owner@yahoogroups.com

      Trudy S. Kawami, Ph.D.
      Columbia University Art History & Archaeology
      Director of Research, Arthur M. Sackler Foundation

      N. P. Lemche
      Professor Dr.Theol.
      Department of Biblical Exegesis
      The University of Copenhagen

      Marc Cooper
      Missouri State University
      Department of History

      Robert Whiting
      University of Helsinki

      Charles E. Jones
      The American School of Classical Studies at Athens

      Jeffrey B. Gibson, D.Phil. (Oxon)
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