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International Symposium on Language and Communication

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    [http://www.inlcs.org/2012/images/mail/logo.jpg] 10th -13th June 2012 Izmir / Turkey www.inlcs.org/2012 [header] About
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      [http://www.inlcs.org/2012/images/mail/logo.jpg] 10th -13th
      June 2012
      Izmir / Turkey
      www.inlcs.org/2012 <http://www.inlcs.org/2012>

      About ISLC
      The Organizing Committee is pleased to invite you to participate in the
      International Symposium on Language and Communication: Research trends
      and challenges (ISLC). The symposium is to be held 10-13 June 2012 in
      the Atatürk Congress Center, Ege University, Ýzmir, Turkey.
      ISLC is an international symposium which focuses on the research trends
      and challenges in the fields of interdisciplinary language, literature,
      history and communication studies at both national and international
      levels, and their consequences for the theory, policy and practice of a
      variety of fields such as education, economy, sociology, and all other
      related fields. ISLC provides an international forum that enables
      discussions of the latest research trends and challenges, and promotes
      critical debate, on the often-complex interconnections between language
      and communication and history, economy, sociology, education, and all
      related sub-fields.
      Subject Areas
      The symposium will publishes research papers in the fields of
      humanities, social sciences and economics such as anthropology,
      communication studies, demography, education, ethics, geography,
      history, industrial relations, information science, international
      relations, law, linguistics, library science, methodology, philosophy,
      political science, population studies, psychology, public
      administration, sociology, literature, religious studies, visual arts,
      women studies, management, human resources management, international
      business, tourism, business ethics, development studies and so on.
      <http://%3cweb%20link%3e/> View More...

      The official languages of the Symposium will be Turkish and English.
      All accepted papers will be included in an edited conference
      proceedings CD-ROM and press. Selected papers presented at the
      conference will, subject to peer-review, be published in the
      international following International Journal of Language and
      Communication Studies.

      Time Table for Call for Papers:
      Submission of Abstracts Opens : 1th OCT Deadline for Submission
      of Abstracts : 27th JAN Early Discount Registration Closes :
      16th MAR Deadline to Register : 6th APR Full Paper Submission
      Deadline : 13th APR ISLC/2012 : 10th JUN

      Delegates are required to prepare
      . 15-minute oral presentations followed by 5-minute question-response
      . Posters (to be displayed at designated times throughout the

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