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[ANE-2] Nesmin's forensic facial reconstruction

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  • B. Andelkovic
    New paper: Andelkovic, B., and Harker, J., 2011, Identity Restored: Nesmin s Forensic Facial Reconstruction in Context . Issues in Ethnology and Anthropology
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2011
      New paper:

      Andelkovic, B., and Harker, J., 2011, "Identity Restored: Nesmin's Forensic Facial Reconstruction in Context". Issues in Ethnology and Anthropology [Belgrade] 6/3: 715-728.

      The owner of Cairo stela 22053 discovered at Akhmim in 1885, and the Belgrade coffin purchased in Luxor in 1888, in which the mummy rests, have been identified as the very same person: Nesmin, son of Djedhor, son of Wennefer, son of Djedhor, born by Chay-Hathor-Imw.

      3D digital forensic facial reconstruction was used to reproduce, with the highest possible degree of accuracy, the facial appearance of Nesmin, a priest from Akhmim, ca. 300 B.C.

      This is the link (free download):

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