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New Reviews in JHS

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  • christophe.nihan@unil.ch
    Dear All, I am glad to announce the publication of the following reviews in the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures (http://www.jhsonline.org). 1. Anderson, Gary A.,
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      Dear All,

      I am glad to announce the publication of the following
      reviews in the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures

      1. Anderson, Gary A., Sin: A History (New Haven: Yale
      University Press, 2009). (Reviewed by Micah D. Kiel).

      2. Annus, Amar and Alan Lenzi, Ludlul bēl nēmeqi:
      The Standard Babylonian Poem of the Righteous Sufferer
      (State Archives of Assyria Cuneiform Texts, 7; Publications
      of the Foundation for Finnish Assyriological Research, 2;
      Helsinki: The Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project, 2010).
      REVIEW ARTICLE. (Reviewed by Victor Avigdor Hurowitz).

      3. Barrick, W. Boyd, BMH as Body Language: A Lexical and
      Iconographical Study of the Word BMH When not a Reference to
      Cultic Phenomena in Biblical and Post-Biblical Hebrew
      (LHBOTS, 477; London, New York: T&T Clark, 2008). (Reviewed
      by Elizabeth Hayes).

      4. Bernat, David A., Sign of the Covenant: Circumcision in
      the Priestly Tradition (Ancient Israel and its Literature 3;
      Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2009). (Reviewed by
      Trent C. Butler).

      5. Bosworth, David A., The Story within a Story in Biblical
      Hebrew Narrative (CBQMS, 45; Washington D.C.: Catholic
      Biblical Association of America, 2008). (Reviewed by Shannon

      6. Cotrozzi, Stefano, Expect the Unexpected: Aspects of
      Pragmatic Foregrounding in Old Testament Narratives (LHBOTS,
      510: New York: T & T Clark, 2010). (Reviewed by Krzysztof J.

      7. Crane, Ashley S., Israel's Restoration: A
      Textual-Comparative Exploration of Ezekiel 36–39 (VTSup,
      122; Leiden, Boston: Brill, 2008). (Reviewed by Iain M.

      8. Day, John (ed.), Prophecy and the Prophets in Ancient
      Israel (LHBOTS, 531; New York: T & T Clark, 2010). (Reviewed
      by J. Todd Hibbard).

      9. Fischer, Stefan, Das Hohelied Salomos zwischen Poesie und
      Erzählung: Erzähltextanalyse eines poetischen Textes
      (FAT, 72; Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck 2010). (Reviewed by
      Matthias Hopf).

      10. Fleming, Daniel E. and Sara J. Milstein, The Buried
      Foundation of the Gilgamesh Epic: The Akkadian Huwawa
      Narrative (CM, 39; Leiden: Brill, 2010). (Reviewed by Scott
      C. Jones).

      11. Grabbe, Lester L. (ed.), Israel in Transition: From Late
      Bronze II to Iron IIa (c. 1250-850 B.C.E.) Volume 1. The
      Archaeology (LHBOTS, 491; ESHM, 7; New York: T&T Clark,
      2008). (Reviewed by Trent C. Butler).

      12. Nakhai, Beth Alpert (ed.), The World of Women in the
      Ancient and Classical Near East (Newcastle upon Tyne:
      Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008). (Reviewed by Elaine T.

      13. Green, Deborah A. and Laura S. Lieber (eds.), Scriptural
      Exegesis: The Shapes of Culture and the Religious
      Imagination, Essays in Honour of Michael Fishbane (Oxford:
      Oxford University Press, 2009). (Reviewed by William A.

      14. Hadjiev, Tchavdar S., The Composition and Redaction of
      the Book of Amos (BZAW, 393; Berlin: de Gruyter, 2009).
      (Reviewed by Matthieu Richelle).

      15. Hagedorn, Anselm C. and Henrik Pfeiffer (eds.), Die
      Erzväter in der biblischen Tradition: Festschrift für
      Matthias Köckert (BZAW, 400; Berlin, de Gruyter, 2009).
      (Reviewed by Christophe Nihan).

      16. Halvorson-Taylor, Martien, Enduring Exile: The
      Metaphorization of Exile in the Hebrew Bible (VTSup, 141;
      Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2011). (Reviewed by John Ahn).

      17. Holmstedt, Robert D., Ruth: A Handbook on the Hebrew
      Text (Waco: Baylor University Press, 2010). (Reviewed by
      Anthony R. Pyles).

      18. Horsley, Richard A. (ed.), In the Shadow of Empire:
      Reclaiming the Bible as a History of Faithful Resistance
      (Louisville, Ky.: Westminster/John Knox Press, 2008).
      (Reviewed by Jonathan Bernier).

      19. Janse, Sam, “You are My Son”: The Reception History
      of Psalm 2 in Early Judaism and the Early Church
      (Contributions to Biblical Exegesis & Theology, 51; Leuven:
      Peeters, 2009). (Reviewed by Scott C. Jones).

      20. Jones, Scott C., Rumors of Wisdom: Job 28 as Poetry
      (BZAW, 398; Berlin, New York: Walter de Gruyter, 2009).
      (Reviewed by August H. Konkel).

      21. Klauk, Hans-Josef, B. McGinn, P. Mendes-Flohr, C.-L.
      Seow, H. Spieckermann, B.D. Walfish, E. Ziolkowski (eds.)
      Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception:
      Aaron–Aniconism (Berlin and New York: Walter de Gruyter,
      2009). (Reviewed by Stephen Westerholm).

      22. Knoppers, Gary N., and Kenneth A. Ristau (eds.),
      Community Identity in Judean Historiography: Biblical and
      Comparative Perspectives (Winona Lake, Ind.: Eisenbrauns,
      2009). (Reviewed by Steven J. Schweitzer).

      23. KUSATU (Kleine Untersuchengen zur Sprache des Alten
      Testaments und seiner Umwelt) 8.9 (2008). 11 2011 Westbrook,
      Raymond and Bruce Wells, Everyday Law in Biblical Israel: An
      Introduction (Louisville, Ky.: Westminster John Knox, 2009).
      (Reviewed by John Cook).

      24. Meer, Michaël van der, Percy van Keulen, Wido van
      Peursen, and Bas ter Haar Romeny (eds.), Isaiah in Context:
      Studies in Honour of Arie van der Kooij on the Occasion of
      his Sixty-Fifth Birthday (VTSup, 138; Leiden/Boston: Brill,
      2010). (Reviewed by J. Blake Couey).

      25. Moberly, R. W. L., The Theology of the Book of Genesis
      (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009). (Reviewed by
      Tim Stone Greenport).

      26. Nicklas, Tobias, Friedrich V. Reiterer, and Joseph
      Verheyden (eds.), The Human Body in Death and Resurrection
      (Deuterocanonical and Cognate Literature, Yearbook 2009;
      Berlin/New York: Walter de Gruyter, 2009). (Reviewed by Anke

      27. Oswald, Wolfgang, Nathan der Prophet: Eine Untersuchung
      zu 2Samuel 7 und 12 und 1Könige 1 (ATANT, 94; Zurich:
      Theologischer Verlag, 2008). (Reviewed by Jürg Hutzli).

      28. Petterson, Anthony R., Behold Your King: The Hope for
      the House of David in the Book of Zechariah (LHBOTS, 513;
      New York: T & T Clark, 2009). (Reviewed by Anna Suk Yee

      29. Russell, Stephen C., Images of Egypt in Early Biblical
      Literature: Cisjordan-Israelite, Transjordan-Israelite, and
      Judahite Portrayals (BZAW, 403; Berlin: Walter de Gruyter,
      2009). (Reviewed by Safwat Marzouk).

      30. Smith, Mark S., God in Translation: Deities in
      Cross-Cultural Discourse in the Biblical World (Grand
      Rapids, Mich./Cambridge,UK: William B. Eerdmans, 2010).
      (Reviewed by Michael W. Duggan).

      31. Smith, Richard G., The Fate of Justice and Righteousness
      During David's Reign: Narrative Ethics and Rereading the
      Court History According to 2 Samuel 8:15–20:26 (LHBOTS,
      508; New York, NY: T&T Clark, 2009). (Reviewed by Adam

      32. Tebes, Juan Manuel, Centro y Periferia en el mundo
      antiguo: El Negev y sus interacciones con Egipto, Asiria, y
      el Levante en la Edad del Hierro (1200-586 a.C.) (Ancient
      Near East Monographs, 1; 2nd ed.; Buenos Aires/Atlanta: SBL
      & CEHAO, 2008). (Reviewed by Romina Della Casa).

      33. Tooman, William A. and Michael A. Lyons (eds.),
      Transforming Visions: Transformations of Text, Tradition,
      and Theology in Ezekiel (Princeton Theological Monograph
      Series, 127; Eugene, Oreg.: Pickwick, 2010). (Reviewed by
      Jason Gile).

      34. Trebolle Barrera, Julio and Susana Pottecher, Job
      (Madrid: Trotta, 2011). (Reviewed by Andrés Piquer Otero).

      35. Tuckett, Christopher (ed.), Feasts and Festivals
      (Contributions to Biblical Exegesis & Theology, 53; Leuven:
      Peeters, 2009). (Reviewed by Peter Altmann).

      36. Vialle, Catherine, Une analyse comparée d'Esther TM et
      LXX: Regard sur deux récits d'une même histoire (BETL,
      233; Leuven: Peeters, 2010). (Reviewed by Veronika

      37. Webster, Brian L., The Cambridge Introduction to
      Biblical Hebrew with CD-ROM (Cambridge: Cambridge University
      Press, 2009). (Reviewed by H. Daniel Zacharias).

      38. Westbrook, Raymond and Bruce Wells, Everyday Law in
      Biblical Israel: An Introduction Louisville, Ky.:
      Westminster John Knox, 2009). (Reviewed by David P. Wright ;
      reviewed by Victor H. Matthews).

      To access all published reviews directly please go to


      Also, I am glad to announce that JHS is now offering
      hypertext/ hyperlinked versions of all articles and reviews
      published from 1996 to 2009 (inclusive of 2009). We are
      currently working to include versions of the 2010/2011
      articles and reviews.


      Christophe Nihan
      Associate Editor, Journal of Hebrew Scriptures


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