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RE: [ANE-2] Please help

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  • Robert M Whiting
    ... I should have mentioned that in order to access the Edit Membership link on the group s home page you have to be a member (i.e., have a yahoo profile and
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 5, 2011
      On Tue, 5 Jul 2011, Trudy Kawami wrote:

      > Bob's advice should fix this as I receive ANE at work on Microsoft
      > Office Outlook and have no such problems.

      I should have mentioned that in order to access the "Edit Membership" link
      on the group's home page you have to be a member (i.e., have a yahoo
      profile and not just a yahoo email address) and be logged in. Otherwise,
      yahoo doesn't know who you are and you can't add additional email
      addresses from which you can post messages. If you don't have a yahoo
      profile, the only way you can change your email address is to leave the
      group and re-register with the new address.

      Bob Whiting

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      > Robert M Whiting
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      > Subject: Re: [ANE-2] Please help
      > On Mon, 4 Jul 2011, victor avigdor hurowitz wrote:
      > > Dear ANE,
      > > Ever since ANE went to YAHOO I have not been able to communicate by
      > > using Microsoft Office Outlook. For some reason my address is
      > > rejected. Yesterday I finally tried to register again and I was
      > > successful in sending one letter to ANE. Today, a few minutes ago I
      > > tried again by replying to Brian Colless, but again I was rejected.
      > > I am writing at this very moment on the old Telnet program which is
      > > how I always used to communicate with ANE. What must I do to register
      > > again with the YAHOO?
      > Dear Victor (and others with similar problems),
      > By rejected, I presume you mean that yahoo sends you a message saying
      > you must be a member to post messages to the group. The most common
      > reason for this is that you are trying to post from a address that is
      > not registered with yahoo.
      > To fix this, go to the ANE-2 home page (or any sub-page) and click on
      > the link that says "Edit Membership" near the top of the page (just
      > under the advertising banner). This will take you to a page that
      > contains your optional settings for the group. Under "Step 1." there is
      > a section labeled "Email Addresses". Make sure that all the addresses
      > that you may want to post from are included. If not, click on the link
      > that says "Add new email address" and then add any additional email
      > addresses. Once the email address is registered, you should be able to
      > post from it.
      > If this doesn't fix your problem, it may be specific to MSOutlook in
      > which case, since I don't use Outlook, you're on your own.
      > Bob Whiting
      > whiting@...
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