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  • X.Wang
    Sorry for the typos in the short message. ________________________________ Dr. Xianhua Wang Department of History Peking University Beijing 100871, China
    Message 1 of 1 , May 27, 2011
      Sorry for the typos in the short message.

      Dr. Xianhua Wang
      Department of History
      Peking University
      Beijing 100871, China


      发件人: X.Wang
      发送时间: 2011-05-27 12:43:08
      收件人: ANE-2; biblical-studies
      主题: My book
      Dear Colleagues,

      Forwarded is the announcement of the publication of my Cambridge thesis in the AOAT series.

      It is my first book, and far from perfact. But it is also a decade's wondering out of everything of home.

      Sincerely yours,

      Dr. Xianhua Wang
      Department of History
      Peking University
      Beijing 100871, China


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      Subject: [agade] BOOKS: "Enlil in Early Mesopotamia"
      >From Kai Metzler <metzler@...>:
      The Ugarit-Verlag would like to announce the publication of
      Xianhua Wang: The Metamorphosis of Enlil in Early Mesopotamia
      = Alter Orient und Altes Testament 385
      Münster 2011
      xx + 297 pp.
      ISBN 978-3-86835-052-4
      64,- EUR

      Xianhua Wang has written a history of the Mesopotamian deity Enlil as
      it was before and during the time of [UTF-8?]Narām-Sîn. In handling primary
      sources such as personal names and geographical names, offering lists,
      royal inscriptions, year formulae, and cultic or mythic texts, the
      result of the work as presented here is thus a study on the
      attestations of the deity and of the central question how Enlil was
      relevant to the early Mesopotamian world. Special attention is paid to
      the history of the names of Enlil and his city, Nippur. The fusing of
      regional cultural traditions concerning Enlil became realized in the
      deity being the patron of nam-lugal-kalam-ma, [UTF-8?]“kingship of the
      at the rise of the Sargonids. The idea of Enlil as the patron deity of
      nam-lugal-kalam-ma was perhaps the innovation of Lugalzagesi who was
      defeated by Sargon. It seems the Sargonids had also their own
      interpretation of Enlil the patron of nam-lugal-kalam-ma. But when the
      Sargonids succeeded in their military conquests even beyond the Land,
      kalam, so as to create a large territorial state, the Babylonian
      nam-lugal-kalam-ma became insufficient and finally king [UTF-8?]Narām-Sîn was
      deified alive to accommodate the new situation. The deified king as
      the highest authority in his kingdom domesticcated Enlil by his cultic
      administration. The characteristics of Enlil as the one who grants
      ruling power remained in theory and he was still taken care of in a
      luxurious style but importantly the ideological system is no longer
      evolving around him and the focus of royal power is now the deified
      human king.
      Introduction to the Enlil Project
      0.1 Philological Studies of Enlil and its Name
      0.2 Diachronic Presentations of Enlil
      0.3 Enlil in Historical Perception
      Part I EN.KID in the Archaic Texts
      1.1 EN.KID in Uruk III Sources
      1.2 EN.KID in Ur SIS IV-VIII Sealings
      1.3 The Pronunciation of ENa+KIDa in the Archaic Texts
      Part II Enlil in the [UTF-8?]Fāra Period
      2.1 Enlil in [UTF-8?]Fāra Period Administrative Texts
      2.2 Enlil in the Earliest Royal Inscriptions
      2.3 Enlil in [UTF-8?]Fāra Period Literary Texts
      Part III Enlil in the Pre-Sargonic Period
      3.1 Enlil in Pre-Sargonic Administrative Texts
      3.2 Enlil in Pre-Sargonic Royal Inscriptions
      3.3 The Barton Cylinder
      Part IV Enlil in the Time of [UTF-8?]Narām-Sîn and After
      4.1 Enlil in Sargonic Administrative Texts
      4.2 Enlil in Sargonic Royal Inscriptions
      4.3 ki-en-gi ki-uri in the [UTF-8?]“Enḫeduanna” Temple Hymn
      Part V The Metamorphosis of Enlil
      5.1 EN+KID = NIBRU in the Late Uruk Period
      5.2 NIBRU/ENLIL in the Early Dynastic I Period
      5.3 ENLIL in the Early Dynastic IIIa Period
      5.4 d.En-líl(É) in the Pre-Sargonic Period
      5.5 d.En-líl(É) in the Sargonic Period
      5.6 The History of Enlil and the Metamorphosis of Enlil
      Cited References
      Distributor to North America: Eisenbrauns (www.eisenbrauns.com)
      Distributor: Sigloch Distribution, Am Buchberg 8 ,74572 Blaufelden
      For a complete list of publications see www.ugarit-verlag.de.
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