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50 years of the discovering of the Nahal Mishmar Treasure

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  • Ianir Milevski
    The 4th meeting of the Forum for the Research of the Chalcolithic Period 50 Years of the Discovering of the Nahal Mishmar Treasure June 2nd, 2011, Israel
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      The 4th meeting of the Forum for the Research of the Chalcolithic Period
      "50 Years of the Discovering of the Nahal Mishmar Treasure"June 2nd, 2011, Israel Museum, Jerusalem

      9.00-9.30 Registration 9.30-10.00 Greetings

      Doron Bar-Adon (son of Pesah Bar-Adon, director of excavations at Nahal Mishmar)

      Yoram Tzafrir (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) "Memories from the Excavation of the Cave of the Treasure"

      10.00-11.10 Lectures , Chairman: David Ussishkin (Tel Aviv University) Uri Davidovich (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) "The Cave of the Treasure in light of the renewed research of the Judean Desert Caves"

      Yuval Goren (Tel Aviv University)"The Nahal Mishmar Hoard and the Location of the Chalcolithic Specializing Metal Production in light of the Microarchaeological Study" 11.10-12.00 Coffee Break 12.00-13.00 Lectures (cont.)

      Irit Ziffer (Eretz-Israel Museum) "A Marvel to Behold at Nahal Mishmar: Insights into the Iconography of the Crowns"

      Orit Shamir (Israel Antiquities Authority)"Textiles from Nahal Mishmar between the Chalcolithic and the Roman Period"

      Naama Scheftelowitz (Tel Aviv University) "Treasures and Caches in the Chalcollithic Period - Between Nahal Mishmar and Givat Ha-Oranim"

      13.00- 14.00 Lunch Break

      14.00-15.00 Guide at the Exhibition Room of the Nahal Mishmar Treasure
      Osnat Misch-Brandl (Israel Museum)

      15.00-16.30 General Discussion

      Opening remarks:
      Isaac Gilead (Ben Gurion University in the Negev)
      "50 Years of Research on the Cave of the Treasure: Chronological and Anthropological Aspects"

      -Elisabetta Boaretto (Weizmann Institute of Science, Bar Ilan Univeristy)
      -Michael Sebanne (Israel Antiquities Authoirty)
      -Ianir Milevski (Israel Antiquities Authoirty)

      *Alll the lectures and debates will be in Hebrew

      Ianir Milevski, Dina Shalem, Naama Scheftelowitz, Isaac Gilead
      The Forum for the Research of the Chalcolithic Period

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