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Lithic Technology journal contents, Vol 36:1

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  • Mitch Allen
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      Lithic Technology

      Current Issue: Volume 36, Issue 1 (Spring 2011)

      Editor’s Lair
      Grant McCall

      Possible functions of grooved ground stones from Baking Pot, Belize
      James J. Aimers, W. James Stemp, and Jaime J. Awe

      A technological evaluation of the flint blade-core reduction sequence at Wadi
      El-Sheikh, Middle Egypt
      Theresa M. Barket and Robert M. Yohe II

      On cache recognition: An example from the area of the Chico River ( Patagonia
      , Argentina )
      Nora Viviana Franco, Alicia Castro, Natalia Cirigliano, Marilana Martucci, and
      Agustin Acevedo

      “I’ll have a flake to go, please”: Expedient core technology in the Late Bronze
      (c. 1100–800 cal BC) and Earliest Iron (c. 800–600 cal BC) ages of eastern
      Andrew P. McLaren

      Book Reviews
      Tools and Economy of the Eneolithic Farmers of Southeastern Europe [in Russian]

      by N. N. Skakun, Sankt-Petersburg
      Reviewed by Mikhail Zhilin

      Prehension and Hafting Traces on Flint Tools: A Methodology
      by Veerle Rots, Leuven University Press
      Reviewed by Grant S. McCall

      Effective in 2011, Lithic Technology is being published by Left Coast Press,
      Inc.Lithic Technology is the leading refereed serial publication for the study
      of ancient stone tools and technology. The subject is broadly conceived, and
      includes manufacture, use, form, and sources of lithic artifacts. The journal
      publishes peer reviewed research articles on all facets of the study of stone
      tools and their technology, as well as thematic issues, book review, and other

      The journal will continue to be published in two issues each year beginning in
      Spring 2011. Electronic subscriptions to the journal now will be available to
      institutional subscribers. Four Special Publications sponsored by the journal
      and back issues also will be available from the publisher.

      Submission Guidelines:Lithic Technology welcomes submission of original
      manuscripts of no more than 30 double spaced pages. Methodological,
      theoretical and substantive contributions are welcome, but to be germane, their
      results should be generalizable and interesting to researchers in parts of the
      world other than those in which the material in the article originates. All
      manuscripts are subject to anonymous peer review by knowledgeable scholars and,
      if accepted, may be subject to revision.

      Articles to be considered for publication in Lithic Technology should be sent
      to Grant McCall at Department of Anthropology, 101 Dinwiddie Hall, Tulane
      University , New Orleans , LA 70118 , gmccall@... . Detailed submission
      guidelines are available on the publisher’s website, www.LCoastPress.com.

      Editor: Grant McCall, TulaneUniversity
      Semi-annual in Spring and Fall, 208 pages per volume

      For information regarding subscriptions or submissions to the journal, please
      visit: http://lcoastpress.com/journal.php?id=12
      Mitch Allen
      Left Coast Press, Inc.
      1630 N. Main Street, #400
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