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Lectures: "The Scorpion King:" Egypt Before the Pharaohs

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    NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC FILM SCREENING AND PANEL DISCUSSION The Scorpion King: Egypt Before the Pharaohs Saturday, May 21 1:30pm — 3:45 pm Reception: 4:00 pm
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2011

      "The Scorpion King:" Egypt Before the Pharaohs
      Saturday, May 21
      1:30pm — 3:45 pm
      Reception: 4:00 pm
      At the Oriental institute
      1155 E. 58th Street
      Chicago IL 60637
      Pre-registration required. Call 773-702-9507

      Towering pyramids, massive temples, and names such as Tutankhamun make awareness of the land of the pharaohs almost commonplace in today's world. But the monuments, ceremonies, and symbols that characterize ancient Egypt began to appear long before pyramids rose on the landscape or the first pharaoh assumed the throne. Join us for a one-time-only public screening of the landmark National Geographic film "The Scorpion King" to see how archaeologists are discovering evidence that reveals the rise of civilization, the unification of the state, and the emergence of writing in ancient Egypt more than 5,000 years ago.

      Following the screening, meet eminent scholars who appear in "The Scorpion King" during a panel discussion on their experiences during the making of the film and their discovery of early developments that are among the most important in the history of humankind.

      Presented in conjunction with the special exhibit Before the Pyramids: The Origins of Egyptian Civilization, the program's current panelists include:

      Günter Dreyer, Director of Excavations for the German Archaeological Institute at Abydos, where he is re-excavating the royal tombs.

      Renée Friedman, The Heagy Research Curator of Early Egypt at the British Museum and Director of the expedition to Hierakonpolis.

      Moderator and discussant: Emily Teeter, Oriental Institute Research Associate and Curator of the Before the Pyramids exhibit.

      CPDUs: 3

      This event, which will provide ample time for questions from the audience, also includes a reception with the panelists. The program is free but requires pre-registration. Call 773-702-9507 to pre-register.

      Scorpion King film program as seen on the National Geographic Channel.

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