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Eisenbrauns April first sale

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  • James Spinti
    With apologies for the cross-posting--sorta :) The employees of Winged Bull Press were up late last night putting the final touches on their latest books. We
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2011
      With apologies for the cross-posting--sorta :)

      The employees of Winged Bull Press were up late last night putting the final touches on their latest books. We hope you appreciate their hard work.

      See all the latest offerings here:
      Today's Headlines:
      Lead "Jesus Tablets" Discovered in Jordan:

      Christian heavy metal predates Stryper by nearly 2000 years, says researcher. Details on our web site.

      Archaeology Professor Gets Tribute Album; Band Honored With Festschrift:

      It was a simple clerical error that sent out the wrong invitations to students and fans of David "Black" Raven and David Balick Reuben—the first, a guitarist for ANE supergroup Nuzi and the Hurrians; the second, an archaeology professor celebrating his retirement. "We wanted to do a tribute to each of them, but the names got mixed up in the letters," admits Winged Bull Press VP Andy Kerr, from the wings of Prof. Reuben's retirement concert, "We think it was the 'autocorrect' feature in Word." Kerr stares out as Gods of Thunder perform an encore of Dig, Dig, Dig in tribute to the beloved archaeologist. "Who knew it would turn out so well?"
      Read all the details at our web site.

      New Releases:
      Cymbals and Symbology: Gold Records of the Bronze Age: A Tribute to Nuzi and the Hurrians
      Edited by Karen Oh and Seems Wright
      Winged Bull Press, Forthcoming, April 2011

      Winged Bull Press is delighted to publish this tribute to that remarkable Ancient Near Eastern group Nuzi and the Hurrians. Contents include scholarly comments on the lyrics of Nuzi and the Hurrians greatest hits, such as "Mari, Mari, Quite Contrari and the Second Year of Zimri-Lim's Reign: A Sociological View," by Kant Be-Rong, "The Songs of UlliKummi as Seen by Teshub" by Seems Wright, "Knock, Knock, Knocking on Hatti's Door and the Reign of Sargon" by the esteemed chronologist Tim E. Line, and "Me and Sudarna down by the Schoolyard and the Training of Scribes in Second Millenium Nuzi" by Karen Oh, plus 10 other articles. (more)

      Undiscovered, Unknown, Underwater Archaeological Sites of the Mediterranean: The Complete Collection
      by Karen Oh
      Also available in Proto-Indo-European; Proto-Semitic edition will appear in 2013
      Winged Bull Press, Forthcoming 2011

      Winged Bull Press is delighted that experienced dilettante Karen Oh, the author of the 12 volume Monuments of Ancient Assyria has agreed to produce a companion series: The Undiscovered, Unknown, Underwater Archaeological Sites of the Mediterranean. The series will consist of at least four volumes, each covering a quarter of the Mediterranean Sea. (more)

      cTablet Clay Tablet and MP3 player

      Winged Bull Press has been searching the globe to find an on-the-go option for Nuzi and the Hurrians fans. Those current clay tablet players are just too big and bulky for today's music fans. We finally convinced the manufacturers of our Cylinder Seal USB 8 Byte Drive to tackle the problem. The results exceeded our imagination! (more)

      Special Bonus:
      Download Our Assyrian Helmet and Beard Crochet Pattern FREE!

      Perfect for lion-hunting, chariot-riding in cold weather, and eating s'mores around the campfire. Designed exclusively for us by ace crochet artist Taralee Duffin, and available to you free, just for being awesome. (Be sure to read the disclaimer, though!)

      James Spinti
      Marketing Director, Book Sales Division
      Eisenbrauns, Good books for over 30 years
      Specializing in Ancient Near Eastern and Biblical Studies
      jspinti at eisenbrauns dot com
      Web: http://www.eisenbrauns.com
      Phone: 574-269-2011 ext 226
      Fax: 574-269-6788

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