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Deadline Extended - 2nd Circular

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  • The Bronze Congress
    Dear Colleagues, We are pleased to announce that the XVIIth International Congress of Ancient Bronzes will take place on May 21-25, 2011 in Izmir, Turkey. We
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 12, 2011
      Dear Colleagues,

      We are pleased to announce that the XVIIth International Congress of
      Ancient Bronzes will take place on May 21-25, 2011 in Izmir, Turkey. We
      have just sent our 2nd Circular to the participants. We received more than
      a hundred applications from 22 countries. We will try our best to
      accommodate everybody with 60 lectures and the rest as posters. We want to
      avoid parallel sessions, and only 60 lectures can be fitted into three
      days. It is still possible to apply with a poster or to attend as an
      observer. Please send an e-mail to Doc. Dr. Ergun LAFLI at elafli@...
      or ergun.lafli@... with your abstract before 1 May 2011 for a
      poster presentation. Please also inform your colleagues about the deadline
      extention for poster submissions by forwarding this e-mail, or by printing
      this message and displaying it in your institution. We hope you will be
      able to participate and we look forward to your joining us in Izmir.


      20 May 2011

      6:00 - 10:00 pm: Payment and Registration.

      21 May 2011

      Sabanci Cultural Center
      8:30 - 9:30 am: Registration.
      9:30 - 10:00 am: Welcome, Ceremonial Talks, and Opening Remarks.
      10:30 am -12:00 noon: Lectures: session 1.
      12.00 noon - 1:30 pm: Lunch break.
      1.30 pm: Opening of poster session.
      2:00 pm - 8:00 pm: Lectures: sessions 2, 3 and 4.

      22 May 2011

      9:30 am - 12:00 noon: Lectures: session 5.
      12.00 noon - 1:30 pm: Lunch break.
      1:30 am - 8:00 pm: Lectures: sessions 6, 7 and 8.

      23 May 2011

      9:30 am - 12:00 noon: Lectures: session 9.
      12.00 noon -1:30 pm: Lunch break.
      1:30 - 7:00 pm: Lectures: sessions 10 and 11.
      7:30 - 8:30 pm: Closing discussions.
      9:00 - 11.00 pm: Closing dinner at Dokuz Eylul University, Rectorate

      24 May 2011

      9:30 am: Meeting for the archaeological tour of Izmir (individual
      transport by public taxis or buses for those who do not want to walk).
      Itinerary: Private Museum of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce, Museum of
      History and Arts at Kulturpark, Archaeological Museum and Ethnographical
      Museum (lunch break 1:00 - 2:00 pm).
      Ca. 8.00 pm: Return to the city centre.

      25 May 2011

      Meeting Point: Rectorate Building-DESEM.
      8:30 - 9:30 am: Payment & registration for those who have not yet registered.
      9:30 am: Meeting for the Excursion to archaeological ruins at Mylasa,
      recently found Persian sarcophagi, Museum of Milas, and ruins at Bodrum
      (theatre, Myndos Gate, harbor, Medieval fort, Mausolleion etc.).
      Lunch break 1:00 - 2:00 pm: In Milas, in a Turkish traditional restaurant
      in the town.
      Ca. 5.00 pm: Accomodation in Bodrum for one night. The bus will take back
      to Izmir the participants who do not wish to stay in Bodrum.
      Ca. 8.00 pm: Dinner in Bodrum, disco & drinks in Gumbet, accommodation in
      Bodrum (This is not included and has to be paid individually. The hotel
      will be booked when the number of people is known).

      26 May 2011

      Bodrum: meeting point to be determined.
      10:30 am: Check out and going back to Izmir with public busses in Bodrum
      (The participants who stay in Bodrum for the night must pay their own
      transportation back to Izmir).
      Ca. 2.30 pm: Return to the city center of Izmir and valediction at the
      Coach Station of Izmir (Yeni Garaj).


      Here is an alphabetical list of applications to our Congress.

      Dr Duygu Sevil AKAR TANRIVER (Izmir), Dr Lisa M. ANDERSON (Cambridge, MA),
      Dr Melih ARSLAN (Ankara), Mr Mustafa METÄ°N (Ankara), Ms Asli ASLAN
      (Izmir), Dr Helene AURIGNY (Aix-en-Provence), Ms Derya BARAN (Izmir), Ms
      Hanife YUKSEL (Izmir), Prof. Beryl BARR-SHARRAR (New York City, NY), Dr
      David BARTUS (Budapest), Mrs Ceren BAYKAN (Edirne), Dr Danis BAYKAN
      (Edirne), Dr Fede BERTI (Ferrara), Mrs Roberta FABIANI (Ferrara), Dr
      Margherita BOLLA (Verona), Mr Hermann BORN (Berlin), Mr Yorgos BROKALAKIS
      (Rome/Iraklio), Dr Maurizio BUORA (Udine), Dr Marina CASTOLDI (Milan), Mrs
      Snezana CERNAC-RATKOVIC (Belgrade), Dr Arzu CAKIR ATIL (Izmir), Dr
      Alessandro D’ALESSIO (Sibari), Dr Klara DE DECKER (Munster), Dr
      Eckhard DESCHLER-ERB (Zurich), Prof. Exhlale DOBRUNA-SALIHU (Pristina), Dr
      Ertekin M. DOKSANALTI (Konya), Prof. Ramazan OZGAN (Konya), Dr Sevket
      DONMEZ (Istanbul), Mrs Kristina DZIN (Medulin/Pula), Dr Susanne EBBINGHAUS
      (Cambridge, MA), Dr Helga EIWANGER-DONDER (Bochum/Bonn), Ms Makbule EKICI
      (Konya), Dr Romana ERICE (Zaragoza), Prof. Naser FERRI (Pristina), Mr
      Rrezarta LOXHA (Pristina), Dr Daniela FERRO (Rome), Mr Vojislav
      FILIPOVIĆ (Belgrade), Mr Kirill FIRSOV (Moscow), Prof. Edilberto
      FORMIGLI (Murlo), Dr Patrizia FRAMARIN (Aosta), Dr. Norbert FRANKEN
      (Berlin), Dr Elene GIGOLASHVILI (Tbilisi), Dr Marine PIRTSKHALAVA
      (Tbilisi), Dr Alessandra R. GIUMLIA-MAIR (Merano), Prof. Sergio MERIANI
      (Trieste), Mr Zsolt MRAV (Budapest), Prof. Vesna GIRARDI JURKIĆ
      (Zagreb), Dr Kurt GSCHWANTLER (Vienna), Dr Nadezda GULYAEVA (St.
      Petersburg), Dr Koichi HADA (Toride), Dr Pasquale DAPOTO (Reggio
      Calabria), Dr Roberto CIABATTONI (Rome), Ms Sanda HEINZ (Oxford), Dr Sean
      HEMINGWAY (New York City, NY), Dr Hilde HILLER (Freiburg), Dr Despina
      IGNATIADOU (Thessaloniki), Dr Darejan KACHARAVA (Tbilisi), Dr Annemarie
      KAUFMANN-HEINIMANN (Basel), Dr Gudrun KLEBINDER-GAUSS (Athens), Dr Ergun
      LAFLI (Izmir), Dr Kenneth LAPATIN (Los Angeles, CA), Dr Jens DAEHNER (Los
      Angeles, CA), Prof. Stefan LEHMANN (Halle on the Saale River), Mr Joseph
      W. LEHNER (Los Angeles, CA), Dr Nino LORDKIPANIDZE (Tbilisi), Mr
      Maximilian LUBOS (Berlin/Halle on the Saale River), Mr Wugan LUO
      (Beijing), Mr Jeffrey MAISCH (Los Angeles, CA), Dr Marc WALTON (Los
      Angeles, CA), Dr David SAUNDERS (Los Angeles, CA), Dr Nino KALANDADZE
      (Tbilisi), Prof. Richard MASON (Baltimore, MD), Prof. Carol C. MATTUSCH
      (Fairfax, VA), Dr Valeria MEIRANO (Turin), Mr Ilker Mete MIMIROGLU
      (Konya), Mr Niccolo MUGNAI (Siena), Ms Silvia MUSTATA (Cluj-Napoca), Dr
      Esen OGUS (New York City, NY), Mr Omid OUDBASHI (Esfahan), Dr S.
      Mohammadamin EMAMI (Esfahan/Siegen), Prof. Parviz DAVAMI (Tehran), Dr
      Rossella PACE (Arcavacata di Rende), Dr Alessandro PACINI (Montepulciano),
      Prof. Olga PALAGIA (Athens), Dr Vladimir P. PETROVIC (Belgrade), Mr
      Vojislav FILIPOVICC (Belgrade), Ms Vesna PINTARIC (Ljubljana), Prof. John
      POLLINI (Los Angeles, CA), Prof. Andrew RAMAGE (Ithaca, NY), Dr Ketino
      RAMISHVILI (Tbilisi), Ms Deana RATKOVIC (Belgrade), Mrs Irina RAVICH
      (Moscow), Mr Sergej SIROTIN (Sterlitamak), Dr Mikhail TREISTER
      (Bonn/Berlin), Dr Heather F. SHARPE (West Chester, PA), Dr Athanasios
      SIDERIS (Athens), Ms Anise SOLTANI NEJAD (Tehran), Ms Sepideh MAZIAR
      (Tehran), Mr Mohammad MORTAZAVI (Esfahan), Ms Lillian Bartlett STONER (New
      York City, NY), Dr Nino SULAVA (Tbilisi), Dr Milica TAPAVICKI-ILIC
      (Belgrade), Mrs Dragana SPASIC-DURIC (Pozarevac), Dr Chiara TARDITI
      (Brescia), Dr Mehmet TEKOCAK (Konya), Prof. Ahmet Adil TIRPAN (Konya), Mr
      Babur Mehmet AKARSU (Konya), Ms Seda AKARSU (Konya), Dr Mikhail TREISTER
      (Bonn/Berlin), Dr Pavlos TRIANTAFYLLIDIS (Rhodes), Prof. Leonid YABLONSKY
      (Moscow), Dr Maya VASSILEVA (Sofia), Prof. Stephane VERGER (Paris), Dr
      Miroslav VUJOVIC (Belgrade), Dr Katherine E. WELCH (New York City, NY), Dr
      Susanne WILLER (Bonn), Mr Frank WILLER (Bonn), Prof. Gerhard ZIMMER
      (Eichstaett), Prof. Dragana ZIVKOVICA (Bor), Prof. Nada STRBAC (Bor),
      Miroslav SOKICB (Belgrade), Velibor ANDRICC (Belgrade), Igor JOVANOVICD
      (Bor), Marija JOVICICD (Bor), Branka ANDJELICE (Bor), Dr Radmila ZOTOVIC
      (Belgrade), Mrs Iskra KARNIS VIDOVIC (Zagreb), Prof. Nancy RAMAGE (Ithaca,
      NY), Dr Nadia GULYAEVA (St. Petersburg), and Dr Paula ZSIDI (Budapest).


      The participation fee is 60 euro (or $US 100, or 30 British pounds, or 120
      Turkish Lira). The fee includes Congress packages, coffee and refreshments
      at breaks, name badges, the social dinner with wine at the
      University’s restaurant on May 23, the busses for the post-Congress
      excursion from Izmir to Bodrum and back on the same day as well as
      publication of your abstract and paper in the Congress proceedings in
      2012, both in printed and pdf versions.
      The fee does not include your travel expenses to Izmir, accommodation,
      food (except the final dinner on May 23), the booklet of abstracts and
      distribution of printed proceedings book when it is out in 2012.

      Extra and optional expenses:

      1- Abstract booklet (optional; 5 euro, or US$ 10, or 15 TL).
      2- Museum and site entries in the 1st and 2nd post-excursion days;
      3- Personal transport in Izmir (hotel to Congress hall etc.) as well as in
      Bodrum (hotel to coach station).


      The abstracts will be published with black-white photos in the Turkish
      peer-reviewed journal Kubaba. If you wish to have your abstract printed in
      the journal and you did not send it yet, please submit it as soon as
      The journal issue with Conference abstracts will be available with your
      registration packet at the Congress, and it will cost 5 euro (or US$ 10,
      or 15 TL).

      Thank you,

      Ergun LAFLI
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