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JHS Article: Brian R. Doak, “Som e Worthless and Reckless Fellows ”: Landlessness and Parasocial L eadership in Judges and JHS Revi ews

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    Dear all, I am glad to announce the publication of the following article in the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures (http://www.jhsonline.org) Journal of Hebrew
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 22, 2011
      Dear all,

      I am glad to announce the publication of the following article in the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures (http://www.jhsonline.org)

      Journal of Hebrew Scriptures - Volume 11: Article 2 (2011)

      Brian R. Doak, “Some Worthless and Reckless Fellows”: Landlessness and Parasocial Leadership in Judges


      In this essay, I argue that the narratives in Judges 9, 11, and 18 should be read as examples of “parasocial” leadership in the Iron Age Levant. Specific characters such as Abimelek and Jephthah are parasocial leaders whose existence fits within known categories of regional social change. By extension, Judges may be read as the most sustained literary product in the ancient Near East depicting a world of habiru-like actors generating political transformation.

      To access the article directly please go to http://www.arts.ualberta.ca/JHS/Articles/article_149.pdf

      The following reviews have also been recently published

      Bernat, David A., Sign of the Covenant: Circumcision in the Priestly Tradition (Ancient Israel and its Literature 3; Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2009). (Reviewed by Trent C. Butler)

      Grabbe, Lester L. (ed.), Israel in Transition: From Late Bronze II to Iron IIa (c. 1250-850 B.C.E.) Vol.1. The Archaeology (LHBOTS, 491; ESHM, 7; New York: T&T Clark, 2008). (Reviewed by Trent C. Butler)

      Hadjiev, Tchavdar S., The Composition and Redaction of the Book of Amos (BZAW, 393; Berlin: de Gruyter, 2009). (Reviewed by Matthieu Richelle)

      Klauk, Hans-Josef, B. McGinn, P. Mendes-Flohr, C.-L. Seow, H. Spieckermann, B.D. Walfish, E. Ziolkowski (eds.), Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception: Aaron–Aniconism (Berlin and New York: Walter de Gruyter, 2009). (Reviewed by Stephen Westerholm)

      KUSATU (Kleine Untersuchengen zur Sprache des Alten Testaments und seiner Umwelt) 8.9 (2008). (Reviewed by John Cook)

      Nakhai, Beth Alpert (ed.), The World of Women in the Ancient and Classical Near East (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008). (Reviewed by Elaine T. James)

      Westbrook, Raymond and Bruce Wells, Everyday Law in Biblical Israel: An Introduction (Louisville, Ky.: Westminster John Knox, 2009) (Reviewed by Victor H. Matthews).

      To access the reviews directly please go http://www.arts.ualberta.ca/JHS/reviews_vol.html


      The printed version of volume 9 (2009) has been published. For information please go to
      For information about the printed version of volume 8 (2008) please go to

      For information about the other printed volumes of the journal, please go to:

      The Logos version of vol. 8 has been released. For information please go to http://www.logos.com/product/8765/journal-of-hebrew-scriptures-vol-8. For information about the Logos version of vols. 1-7, please go to http://www.logos.com/products/details/4336.

      The Logos version of volume 9 of the journal is being prepared.

      Ehud Ben Zvi
      History and Classics
      University of Alberta
      2-28 HM Tory Building
      Edmonton AB Canada T6G 2H4

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