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SV: Michael Rowton's articles

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  • Thomas L. Thompson
    This is just great news. Two years is not too long to wait, even for me; it is simply the time it takes. Good luck to the project and all best wishes!! Thomas
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2011
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      This is just great news. Two years is not too long to wait, even for me; it is simply the time it takes. Good luck to the project and all best wishes!!

      Thomas L. Thompson
      professor emeritus, University of Copenhagen

      Fra: Thomas L. Thompson
      Sendt: 5. januar 2011 19:48
      Til: ANE-2@yahoogroups.com
      Emne: SV: Michael Rowton's articles

      Fra: ANE-2@yahoogroups.com [ANE-2@yahoogroups.com] På vegne af Niels Peter Lemche [npl@...]
      Sendt: 5. januar 2011 17:39
      Til: ANE-2@yahoogroups.com
      Emne: [ANE-2] Michael Rowton's articles

      Dear members of the ANE-2 group,

      Today's discussion about the late Michael Rowton's extended series of articles on ancient nomadism immediately sparkled an interest in having these articles available to everybody. Pieter Van Der Veen and I got into contact this morning and agreed that it can be done. It will not be tomorrow or the day after – we are both heavily engaged in other projects – but give it two years, and we hope that we will be approaching a proper publication (book). We have invited two more scholars to join the team, Izaak de Hulster, and Emanuel Pfoh, and they have both accepted.

      It will be too early to present a publisher (although we have certain ideas).

      We make this announcement already now just in case that some other groups may already be doing the job.

      Finally, the list of Michael Rowton's articles may finalize as this:

      The Topological Factor in the Ḫapiru Problem, in Studies in honor of Benno Landsberger on his seventy-fifth birthday april 21, 1965, AS 16 (1965), pp. 375-387
      The Physical Environment and the Problem of the Nomad, in J.-R. Kupper ed., XV RAI, 1966, pp. 109-121
      The Woodlands of Ancient Western Asia, JNES 26 (1967), pp. 261-277
      The Abu Amurrim, Iraq 31 (1969), pp. 375-387
      The Role of the Watercourses in the Growth of Mesopotamian Civilization, in M. Dietrich - W. Röllig edd., lišan mitḫurti, Festschrift Wolfram Freiherr von Soden, AOAT 1 (1969), pp. 307-316
      Watercourses and water Rights in the Growth of Mesopotamian Civilization, JCS 21 (1969), pp. 267-274
      Autonomy and Nomadism in Western Asia, Or NS 42 (1973), pp. 247-258
      Urban Autonomy in a Nomadic Environment, JNES 23 (1973), pp. 201-215
      Enclosed Nomadism, JESHO 17 (1974), pp. 1-30
      Dimorphic Structure and the Problem of the ‛Apiru-‛Ibrim, JNES 35 (1976), pp. 13-20
      Dimorphic Structure and Topology, OA 15 (1976), pp. 17-31
      Dimorphic Structure and the Tribal Elite, in al-Bahit, Festschrift Joseph Henninger, St. Augustin bei Bonn 1976, pp. 219-257
      Dimorphic Structure and the Parasocial Element, JNES 36 (1977), pp. 181-198
      Economic and Politic Factors in Ancient Nomadism, in J. Silva Castillo ed., Nomads and Sedentary Peoples, El Colegio de Mexico 1981, pp. 25-36
      Pastoralism and the periphery in Evolutionary Perspective, in , in M. Th. Barrelet ed., L’Archéologie de l’Iraq du debut de l’époque néolithique à 333 avant notre ère. Perspectives et limites de l’interprétation anthropologiques des documents, Colloques Internationaux du CNRS 580, Paris 1981, pp. 291-301
      Sumer's Strategic Periphery in Topological Perspective, in G. van Driel - Th. J. H. Krispijn - M. Stol - K. R. Veenhof edd., zikir šumim, Assyriological Studies Presented to F. R. Kraus on the Occasion of his Seventieth Birthday, Leiden 1982, pp. 218-325
      War, Trade and the Emerging Power Center, in H.-J. Nissen - J. Renger eds., Mesopotamien und sein Nachbarn, XXV RAI, Berlin 1982, pp. 187-194
      The Role of Ethnic Invasion and the Chiefdom Regime in Dimorphic Interaction: The Post-Kassite Period (ca. 1150-750 B.C.), in F. Rochberg-Halton ed., Language, Literature, and History: Philological and Historical Studies Presented to Erica Reiner, AOS 67, New Haven 1987, pp. 367-378

      Pieter Van Der Veen Niels Peter Lemche
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