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JHS - M. L. Miller, "Nehemiah 5: A Response to Philippe Guillaume" and a dozen of new reviews

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    Dear all, I am glad to announce the recent publication of the following article and of a dozen of new reviews in the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2010
      Dear all,

      I am glad to announce the recent publication of the following article and of
      a dozen of new reviews in the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures


      Journal of Hebrew Scriptures - Volume 10: Article 13 (2010)

      Marvin Lloyd Miller, Nehemiah 5: A Response to Philippe Guillaume


      This a response to Philippe Guillaume’s recent article (“Nehemiah 5: No
      Economic Crisis,” Journal of Hebrew Scriptures 10 [2010], article 8). With
      Guillaume, I hold the position that the crisis was episodic rather than
      structural, temporary rather than systemic. We differ, however, on which
      sociological model best illuminates the text and therefore, we reach
      different conclusions about the socio-economic circumstances of the time.

      To access the article directly please go to


      Recently Published Reviews:

      1. Arnold, Bill T., Genesis (NCBC; Cambridge: Cambridge University
      Press, 2009). (Reviewed by Dale Launderville).
      2. Boer, Roland, Political Myth: On the Use and Abuse of Biblical
      Themes (Durham: Duke University Press, 2009). (Reviewed by Steven J.
      3. Dick, Michael B., Reading the Old Testament: An Inductive Approach
      (Peabody, MA: Hendrickson Publishers, 2008). (Reviewed by J. Todd Hibbard).
      4. Green, Douglas J., “I Undertook Great Works”: The Ideology of
      Domestic Achievements in West Semitic Royal Inscriptions (FAT, II/41;
      Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2010). (Reviewed by Scott C. Jones).
      5. Hill, Andrew E. and John H. Walton, A Survey of the Old Testament
      (3rd edition; Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2009). (Reviewed by Nathan Patrick
      6. Joosten, Jan and Jean-Sebastien Rey (eds.), Conservatism and
      Innovation in the Hebrew Language of the Hellenistic Period: Proceedings of
      a Fourth International Symposium on the Hebrew of the Dead Sea Scrolls and
      Ben Sira (STDJ, 73; Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2008). (Reviewed by Ken M.
      7. McConville, J. Gordon and Stephen N. Williams, Joshua (The Two
      Horizons Old Testament Commentary; Grand Rapids/Cambridge: Wm. B. Eerdmans,
      2010). (Reviewed by Trent C. Butler).
      8. Moore, Megan Bishop, Philosophy and Practice in Writing a History of
      Ancient Israel (LHBOTS, 435; New York: T & T Clark, 2006). (Reviewed by P.
      G. Kirkpatrick).
      9. Nam Hoon Tan, Nancy, The “Foreignness” of the Foreign Woman in
      Proverbs 1-9: A Study of the Origin and Development of a Biblical Motif
      (BZAW, 381; Berlin and New York: de Gruyter, 2008) (Reviewed by Claudia
      10. Passaro, Angelo and Giuseppe Bellia, eds., The Wisdom of Ben Sira:
      Studies on Tradition, Redaction, and Theology (Deuterocanonical and Cognate
      Literature, 1; Berlin-New York: de Gruyter, 2008). (Reviewed by Gerbern S.
      11. Shectman, Sarah and Baden, Joel S., eds., The Strata of the Priestly
      Writings: Contemporary Debate and Future Directions (ATANT, 95; Zurich:
      Theologischer Verlag, 2009). (Reviewed by Edgar Kellenberger).
      12. Ulrich, Eugene, The Biblical Qumran Scrolls: Transcriptions and
      Textual Variants (VTSup, 134; Leiden: Brill, 2010). (Reviewed by Andrew B.

      To access JHS reviews directly please go to

      More articles and reviews are forthcoming.




      The printed version of volume 9 (2009) is being prepared by Gorgias Press
      and expected to be published by November 2010.

      For information about the printed version of volume 8 (2008) please go to


      For information about the other volumes of the journal, please go to:


      For information about the Logos version of the Journal (vols. 1-7), please
      go to http://www.logos.com/products/details/4336

      The Logos version of volume 8 of the journal is being prepared.

      Ehud Ben Zvi
      History and Classics

      University of Alberta
      2-28 HM Tory Building
      Edmonton AB Canada T6G 2H4

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