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Eisenbrauns annual Valentine's Day contest

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  • James Spinti
    With apologies for the cross-posting: Get those styli ready! We re continuing our annual Valentine s Day contest. If you haven t started composing your sonnet
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2010
      With apologies for the cross-posting:

      Get those styli ready! We're continuing our annual Valentine's Day
      contest. If you haven't started composing your sonnet yet, get going on
      it, this is the week:

      The judging is extremely arbitrary, and the prizes are thus:
      1st Place: $75 Eisenbrauns Gift Certificate
      2nd Place: $50 Eisenbrauns Gift Certificate
      3rd Place: $25 Eisenbrauns Gift Certificate
      Honorable Mentions: Fame and glory.

      I'm looking forward to the creativity :)

      James Spinti
      Marketing Director, Book Sales Division
      Eisenbrauns, Good books for more than 30 years
      Specializing in Ancient Near Eastern and Biblical Studies
      jspinti at eisenbrauns dot com
      Web: http://www.eisenbrauns.com
      Phone: 574-269-2011 ext 226
      Fax: 574-269-6788
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