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Re: [ANE-2] Assinnu

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  • Robert M Whiting
    ... See: Maul, Stefan 1992 Kurgarrû und assinnu und ihr Stand in der babylonischen Gesellschaft, in Volkert Haas (ed.), Aussenseiter und Randgruppen:
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 19, 2009
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      On Sat, 19 Dec 2009, nineb wrote:

      > Dear All,
      > I was wondering if anyone on this list can assist me with any
      > information on any recent studies on what is called an "assinnu" an
      > assinnu being a cultic personnel of Ishtar.
      > Any information regarding an assinnu would be helpful especially an
      > assinnu's involvement in NA contracts.
      > Other than what is listed in the CAD The only document i know of is a
      > recently published tablet by Prof. Simo Parpola in SAAB discovered in
      > Ziyaret Tepe (Tushan).
      > I would very much appreciate your most kind assistance.

      Maul, Stefan 1992 "Kurgarrû und assinnu und ihr Stand in der
      babylonischen Gesellschaft," in Volkert Haas (ed.), Aussenseiter und
      Randgruppen: Beiträge zu einer Sozialgeschichte des Alten Orients.
      Konstanzer Althistorische Vorträge und Forschungen 32 (Konstanz)

      Acû$u-namir, the emmisary that Ea sends to the Netherworld after Ishtar in
      Ishtar's Descent is an assinnu.

      See also: Nissinen, Martti 1998 Homoeroticism in the Biblical World, a
      Historical Perspective. Minneapolis.

      Bob Whiting
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