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Scholarly Colloquium on ancient Egypt in Toronto, November 6th and 8th.

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    These events are free and open to all. They take place in the Lecture Theatre of the Royal Ontario Museum, 100 Queens Park Cres., TorontoFor more
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      These events are free and open to all. They take place in the Lecture
      Theatre of the Royal Ontario Museum, 100 Queens' Park Cres., TorontoFor
      more information, visit thessea.org or email info@...
      Friday, November 6, 20099:00 am Welcome and Introductory remarks 9:15
      The Purpose of Non-Royal Tombs in Old Kingdom Egypt: A Re-assessment
      John S. Thompson, University of Pennsylvania: 9:45 Rare and Enigmatic
      Scenes of the Human-Dog Relationship in Ancient Egyptian Art of the Old
      Kingdom Beverley Miles, MacQuarie University, Australia
      10:15 BREAK
      10:30 Discovering and Understanding Parallel Programs at Sneferu's
      Pyramids Prof. Kerry Muhlestein, Brigham Young University
      11:00 Olive tree cultivation and trade in Ancient Egypt Jose M. Alba
      Gómez, Jaen University, Spain
      11:30 am – 1:00 pm LUNCH
      1:00 pm Welcome and Introductory remarks
      1:15 The Late Amarna Period on Egypt's East Frontier: New Evidence
      Prof. James K. Hoffmeier, Trinity International University
      1:45 Hidden Thebes Edwin C. Brock, ARCE/Theban Mapping Project
      2:15 The Egyptian Love Songs Dr. Vincent A. Tobin, Emeritus St. Mary's

      2:45 BREAK
      3:00 An Investigation into the Sacred District Prof. Kelly Diamond,
      Villanova University
      3:30 The Assyrian Conquest in Disguise? A new look at the Demotic
      'Contest for the Benefice of Amun Prof. Thomas Schneider, University of
      British Columbia
      4:00 The `Genesis' of Ancient Egyptian Motifs in Biblical Art
      Prof. Anna Pearman, Vincennes
      ---------------------------SUNDAY November 8th, 2009
      12:00 Noon Introductory remarks
      12:15 Evidence for Feasting in Pre-Dynastic Egypt Prof. Juan Castillos,
      Uruguayan Institute for Egyptology
      12:45 Bat or Hathor? Who's Who? Prof. Susan Tower Hollis, Empire
      State College -SUNY
      1:15 Some Observations on the Route to the Afterlife from late 18th
      Dynasty Royal Tombs Peter Robinson, Poynton Egypt Group/SSEA
      1:45 The Book of the Dead as Canon Prof. John Gee, Brigham Young
      2:15 BREAK
      2:30 Djedmaatesankh and Paankhenamun Gayle Gibson, Royal Ontario Museum
      and Stephanie Holowka, The Hospital for Sick Children
      3:15 Last Days of Aanen -Theban Tombs project Lyla Brock, Royal Ontario
      Museum Theban Tombs Project
      3:45 The ROM's Cleopatra Statue Lyn Green, SSEA
      4:00 The Father of Egyptology in Canada: Material from Petrie
      Excavations in Canadian Museums Mark Trumpour, Ancient Egypt in

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