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Dieleman Seminar, Nov. 5, 10-12 pm Bancroft Library

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  • jeanjzli@berkeley.edu
    Thursday Nov. 5th, 2009 10-12 PM Seminar Room B, 4th Floor Bancroft Library
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      Thursday Nov. 5th, 2009 10-12 PM Seminar Room B, 4th Floor Bancroft


      Demotic Magical Papyri: A graduate seminar

      Jacco Dieleman
      Assistant Professor of Egyptology
      University of California, Los Angeles

      Abstract: The Demotic Magical Papyri form a small collection of
      Greco-Egyptian formularies in Demotic that date to the second and third
      century CE. They contain instructions for private individuals on how to
      perform rituals for acquiring control over others or for producing
      face-to-face encounters with deities and ghosts. In this respect, they are
      similar to the contemporary and much larger corpus of the Greek Magical
      Papyri. In this seminar we will discuss to what extent the Demotic
      formularies can be viewed as the products of scribes trained and working
      in Egyptian temple scriptoria. Or are we to situate the
      production and consumption of these handbooks outside the indigenous temple?


      Please note that backpacks are not allowed into the Bancroft Library.
      Please store bags and other items in the locker room. Lockers require a
      quarter to operate.

      Jean Li, C.Phil.
      Egyptian Art and Archaeology, Department of Near Eastern Studies
      University of California, Berkeley
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