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JHS - New articles, a review article , reviews and new visual version of reviews

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  • Ben Zvi, Ehud
    Dear all, I am glad to announce the publication of the following article in the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures (http://www.jhsonline.org) Journal of Hebrew
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 2009
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      Dear all,

      I am glad to announce the publication of the following article in the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures (http://www.jhsonline.org)

      Journal of Hebrew Scriptures - Volume 9: Article 22 (2009)

      Karolien Vermeulen,To See or Not To See. The Polysemy of the Word עין in the Isaac Narratives (Gen 17-35)


      This article discusses the polysemy of the word עין in the Isaac narratives (Gen 17-35). The word’s given ambivalent nature is exploited on every level. It fits the major themes in the Isaac story as well as the small nuances in individual sentences. As such it illustrates the potential power of polysemy and its multiple, so to say polysemous, role in biblical narrative.

      Those who wish to access this article directly may go to http://www.arts.ualberta.ca/JHS/Articles/article_124.pdf

      Journal of Hebrew Scriptures - Volume 9: Article 21 (2009)

      Aron Pinker

      Intrusion of Ptolemaic Reality on Cultic Practices in Qoh 4:17


      A new interpretation is offered for Qoh 4:17 that highlights the Sitz im Leben of the Ptolemaic regime. Qoh 4:17, though couched in cultic terms and with a Temple setting, contains allusions to the Ptolemaic reality of spies and informers who helped the Ptolemaic administration exact heavy taxes. It is shown that this dual level (cultic and non-cultic) meaning persists in the unit Qoh 4:17-5:6.

      Those who wish to access this article directly may go to http://www.arts.ualberta.ca/JHS/Articles/article_123.pdf

      Review Article:

      Journal of Hebrew Scriptures - Volume 9 (2009) - Review Article

      Jeremy M Hutton, Deuteronomistic History or Histories?: New Approaches to Deuteronomy-Kings. A review article of: Markus Witte, Konrad Schmid, Doris Prechel and Jan Christian Gertz, eds., with assistance from Johannes F. Diehl. Die deuteronomistischen Geschichtswerke: Redaktions- und religionsgeschichtliche Perspektiven zur “Deuteronomismus”-Diskussion in Tora und Vorderen Propheten.

      To access this review article directly please go to http://www.arts.ualberta.ca/JHS/reviews/reviews_new/review398.htm


      Becking, Bob and Dirk Human, eds, Exile and Suffering: A Selection of Papers Read at the 50th Anniversary Meeting of the Old Testament Society of South Africa OTWSA/OTSSA, Pretoria, August 2007 (Oudtestamentische Studiën 50; Leiden: Brill, 2009). (Reviewed by Adam Oliver Stokes).

      Römer Thomas (ed.), The Books of Leviticus and Numbers (BETL 215; Leuven: Peeters, 2008). (Reviewed by Viktor Golinets)

      To access reviews (and review articles) please go to http://www.arts.ualberta.ca/JHS/reviews/reviews_vol.html

      Note: Readers will notice the new visual version of the reviews. We think that the new version is not only "easier in the eyes" but also far more print-friendly. All the reviews in vol. 9 are now in the new visual format. Any comments you may have about this new version are welcome. Please send them to m. I wish to thank Ms. Melanie Marvin who made the shift to the new version possible and who worked tireless in this project. Thank you, Melanie.

      An article, a review article and several reviews will be published soon. We anticipate that the hypertext version of the entire vol 8 (2008) be ready in about month time.

      We anticipate to have an hypertext version of vol. 8 (2008) by November 2009. The printed publication of volume 8 (2008) will (hopefully) be ready by November as well. For information on the printed version published by Gorgias of vol. 7 (2007) please go to http://www.gorgiaspress.com/bookshop/p-56292-ben-zvi-ehud-perspectives-on-hebrew-scriptures-iv.aspx

      At that page you will find also links to the printed versions of vols 1-6 of the Journal.

      For information about the Logos version of the Journal (vols. 1-7), please go to http://www.logos.com/products/details/4336 <http://www.logos.com/products/details/4336>



      Ehud Ben Zvi
      History and Classics
      University of Alberta
      2-28 HM Tory Building
      Edmonton AB Canada T6G 2H4

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