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Re: [ANE-2] New book about Alois Musil

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  • David Hall
    Alois Musil was from Prague, Czechoslovakia.  In one of his journeys to the northern Arabian Hijaz he was working for the Turkish authorities studying travel
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      Alois Musil was from Prague, Czechoslovakia.  In one of his journeys to the northern Arabian Hijaz he was working for the Turkish authorities studying travel routes through the area towards Medinah and Meccah and researching quarantine options as smallpox and other disease was devastating the population.  He collected information about volcanoes and local Arabic folklore claiming Moses' people hid in caves near the volcano Al Badr.  Musil was captured by a tribe of Bedouin and hardly escaped with his life down the east side of the volcanic harrat to the Haj route between Tebuk and Al Oula.  
      The Northern Hejaz, by A. Musil, 1926   

      David Q. Hall

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      Subject: [ANE-2] New book about Alois Musil
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      New Book about Alois Musil

      Worschech, Udo: Alois Musil. Ein Orientalist und Priester in geheimer Mission in Arabien 1914-1915 (KAANT 7; Kamen 2009)

      Alois Musil was from 1898 to 1917 one of the most talented and orientalist and explorer of Palestine, the Sinai Peninsula and the northern territory of the Arabian Peninsula. Archaeologists still benefit from his exact information on the tribes of Arabia and their way of life, on the topography of the country, and its detailed descriptions of the tribal policy in Arabia before the outbreak of the First World War. In 1914 Alois Musil in his capacity as orientalist and priest went at the order of the Central Powers (Germany, Austria, Turkey) to the Middle East, to mediate for peace between the tribes of the Ruala and the Shammar in order to unite them and make them join the Central Powers. In this monograph the author describes the exciting travels and attempts of Alois Musil, who was also the Sheikh of honor of the Ruala Bedouin, to cause an insurrection of the Arabic tribes against the English and French for the cause of Germany, the Austro-Hungarian
      Empire, and Turkey.

      Price: 19,80 €, ISBN 978-3-89991- 086-5

      The Author:
      Udo Worschech, born in l942., degree in Theology and Biblical Archaeology from Andrews University (USA); doctorate from the Johann-Wolfgang Goethe-University of Frankfurt am Main (Germany), from 1971 on lecturer at Marienhöhe Theological Seminary (Darmstadt, Germany); guest lecturer at the University of Frankfurt am Main from 1984 on; excavations in Tell Hesbon (Jordan), Tell Masos (Negev, Israel); since 1983 archaeological research and excavations in Central Jordan; Excavations in Balua (Jordan since 1986). Lecturer at Friedensau Adventist University (Friedensau, Germany) since 1993; president of Friedensau University since 1996 until 2007. Head of the Institute for O1d Testament and Archaeology, coeditor of the Friedensauer Schriftenreihe (until 2007), and editor of the “Contributions to the exploration of the ancient Ard-el-Kerak' '.

      The book can be ordered by:

      Verlag Hartmut Spenner

      Herbert-Wehner- Str. 2

      59174 Kamen

      Telefon: +49(0)02307- 2611973
      Fax +49(0)2307-2611974

      E-Mail:hartmutspenner@ t-online. de<mailto:hartmutspenner@ t-online. de>

      Previous books in the series „Kleine Arbeiten zum Alten und Neuen Testament“

      Stipp, Hermann J.: Jeremia, der Tempel und die Aristokratie. Die patrizische (schafanidische) Redaktion des Jeremiabuches (KAANT 1; Waltrop 2000), 10 €
      Zangenberg, Jürgen: Magdala am See Gennesaret. Überlegungen zur sogenannten "minigoga" und einige andere Beobachtungen zum kulturellen Profil des Ortes in neutestamentlicher Zeit (KAANT 2; Waltrop 2001), 10 €
      Weidhaas, Hermann: Wörter und Sachen aus I. Regum 6 und II. Chronica 3. Hg. und eingel. von Wolfgang Zwickel (KAANT 3; Waltrop 2001), 10 €
      Einen Altar von Erde mache mir ... FS für D. Conrad zu seinem 70.Geb. Hg. von J.F.Diehl, R.Heitzenröder und M.Witte (KAANT 4/5; Waltrop 2003), 20 €
      Böcher, Otto: Das himmlische Jerusalem und seine Wirkungsgeschichte in der Kunst unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Gebrauchs der Edelsteine (KAANT 6; Waltrop 2004), 10 €

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      Wolfgang Zwickel
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