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Reminder of Deadline for Research Prize Competition

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  • The Society for the Study of Egyptian Ant
    REMINDER OF DEADLINE: The Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities (USA) 2009 Research Prize Competition June 1st, 2009 The SSEA (USA) is pleased to
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      The Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities (USA)
      2009 Research Prize Competition
      June 1st, 2009

      The SSEA (USA) is pleased to announce the 2009 competition for two
      research prizes. The awards are made possible by the generous
      contributions of the Logan Family Trust and Mr David Berg. Each prize
      (in the sum of approximately $3000 US) will be awarded to the individual
      who presents the best application.
      The competition is open to doctoral students, and recent post
      doctoral students, from universities in the United States and Canada who
      study any aspect of ancient Egypt. The subject of the research may
      cover any area of ancient Egypt from pre-dynastic times through Coptic
      Egypt. This year one of the prizes is reserved for an application
      conducting research in an area which was of interest to the late
      Professor Cathleen Keller (University of California - Berkeley).
      The intent of these prizes is to assist in the completion of
      significant Egyptological research. For doctoral students it is often
      the case that some additional travel to Egypt or to one or more research
      collections housed in museums is needed to complete work. These prizes
      hope to support applicants who need to conduct that type of research
      travel. Applicants who are just beginning their research are also
      eligible to apply.
      Students must be a member of either the Society for the Study of
      Egyptian Antiquities, or the American Research Center in Egypt, at the
      time of application.

      An application will consist of:

      a) a single sheet with name and complete contact information of the
      applicant, title of the proposal, institution attending or just
      finished, name - daytime phone number - email address for 1 or 2
      references, indicate membership in SSEA or ARCE;

      b) a two to three (2-3) page narrative description of the topic of the
      proposal and research plan. This should include details on whatever
      travel is intended and what preparations have been made and/or
      permissions have been applied for to conduct this research;

      c) a one (1) page bibliography; and

      d) a one (1) page budget.

      If needed, applicants may attach 1-2 pages of drawings or photographs in
      .pdf format.

      All applications will be submitted in electronic form as a single Corel
      Word Perfect (.wpd) or MS Word (.doc) file (with optional .pdf
      attachment). Applications will be in 12 point type (Times Roman font),
      single spaced, and 1 inch margins. Any application not following these
      requirements will not be acknowledged or judged.

      All applications and questions should be sent to:
      eugene.cruz-uribe@... <mailto:eugene.cruz-uribe@...> .

      Application deadline: midnight PDT, JUNE 1, 2009. It is anticipated
      that the prizes will be announced by the middle of July 2009.

      Applications will be judged on the clearness of the narrative, the
      quality of the research planned, the practicality of completing the
      research in a reasonable time frame, and the comments from the
      references. Judging from last year's application pool, the quality of
      all applications will be high, so it is anticipated that the quality of
      comments from the references will play a significant part in determining
      the recipients. Applicants are urged to discuss their application with
      their references prior to the time of application.

      Recipient(s) of these prizes are expected to present the results of
      their research at the annual meeting of either the Society for the Study
      of Egyptian Antiquities (Canada - normally held in November) or the
      American Research Center in Egypt (USA - normally held in April).

      Please pass this information on to colleagues and students who may be
      interested. This announcement is also posted on the SSEA web site:
      www.thessea.org <http://www.thessea.org> .

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