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9876Re: [ANE-2] Margaret Murray

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  • Jan Picton
    Feb 11, 2009
      Hi guys (non sex specific)

      I'm sure we can all agree that Petrie, unlike many of his
      contemporaries, was prepared to encourage and support the careers of
      female scholars? He could hardly do anything else with the example of
      his wife's commitment to his (their) work. The list of women who
      benefited from his tutelage is a long and honourable one, not diminished
      by his description 'we are overrun with lady students wanting to come
      out [to Egypt].... It will be a great help of we develop a corps of lady
      artists to turn on to important places.' Not to mention the

      In editing the recent 'Unseen Images: Archive Photographs in the Petrie
      Museum' we made a point of acknowledging the contribution of Hilda
      Petrie and Winifred Brunton, although the original text always referred
      to Petrie singular and Brunton singular.

      I'm sorry if I'm making heavy weather of this and I promise not to say
      any more!

      Very best wishes to all

      Jan (female!) Picton

      >On 10 Feb 2009 at 21:00, Max Dashu wrote:
      >> I thank Jan Picton for his rebuttal of the challenge to Margaret
      >> Murray's bona fides as an Egyptologist, and would like to further
      >> comment on this remark:
      >Hi Max,
      >I have never denied Margaret Murray's bona fides as an Egyptologist - nor
      >have I
      >challenged such. Like Jan you seem to want to construct a 'straw man'
      >argument. Re-read
      >what I have written - carefully please. They are very limited statements -
      >not a blanket denial
      >of Margaret Murray being an expert Egyptologist.
      >Gary Thompson

      Jan Picton
      Secretary, Friends of the Petrie Museum (Tel: 07761 823129)
      H.R.A. Institute of Archaeology, UCL. j.picton@...
      Sessional lecturer, Egypt and the Ancient Near East
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