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  • Bradley Skene
    Feb 9, 2009
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      Can any list member direct me to a list or forum that more specifically
      deals with Kabbalistic matters?
      The question I have (and if anyone here can clarify it I would
      greatly appreciate it), is this:

      In Major Trends Scholem says, "Abraham Halevi...in 1571 saw her [sc. the
      Shekinah] at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem as a woman dressed in black and
      weeping for the husband of her youth" (226).

      A little before he quotes a description of the Shekinah as "the beauty who
      no longer has eyes." elsewhere he talks about the torch as an alternate
      symbol of the Shekinah.

      I read Scholem's complete works and a great mass of other Kabbalistic
      material about 20 years ago. From all that I have memory of Kabbalists
      seeing the Shekinah walking along the top of the Wailing
      Wall blindfolded and carrying a torch. What I want to find out
      is whether there is any such description or if its a confused creation of
      memory. Does anyone recognize this specific combination of imagery?


      Bradley A. Skene

      [Moderator's Note: Since the topic is outside of the list boundaries, please answer offlist.]