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9844Re: [ANE-2] Titus Tobler References

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    Feb 5, 2009

      Thank you for your help and observations. I had been confining my search to before 1859 and I will admit to being a slave to OCLC and not Google. Yes, Vitriaco, and yes the PPTS did publish the translation.

      Best wishes,
      Jeff Blakely
      Madison, Wisconsin

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      From: goranson@...
      Date: Thursday, February 5, 2009 2:22 pm
      Subject: Re: [ANE-2] Titus Tobler References
      To: ANE-2@yahoogroups.com

      > Quoting JEFFREY A BLAKELY <jblakely@...>:
      > > In 1859 in Titus Tobler's Wanderung nach Palastina, in a reference he
      > > refers to "Vitriac c. 41" and also "Pauli cod. diplom. 1, 18." When
      > > I photocopied certain pages I did not get the appropriate aspects of
      > > the apparatus. Clearly such texts are not my field. Could someone
      > > tell me what texts Tobler was referring to and also let me know if
      > > there are more modern editions of them? Thank you very much for any
      > > helpJeff Blakely, Madison, Wisconsin
      > The full book by Tobler is available at Google Books.
      > The first ref may be to Jacobus de Vitriaco whose Latin history of
      > Jerusalem is translated in:
      > The history of Jerusalem. A.D. 1180.
      > Jacobus, de Vitriaco Cardinal; Aubrey Stewart
      > 1896
      > English Article Article vi p., 1 l., 128 p. fold. map, 23 cm.
      > Stephen Goranson
      > http://www.duke.edu/~goranson
      > "Essenes & Others" etc.
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