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  • Tory Thorpe
    Dec 4, 2008
      --- On Thu, 12/4/08, David Hall <dqhall59@...> wrote:

      > Already Paul had recommended Gentiles seek God not through
      > getting circumcised, an outward sign, but through
      > repentance/reform an inward change.  He was accused of
      > being lawless or an outlaw by some of the Orthodox.  Not
      > sure what he meant by scripture.  Suppose it may have had
      > a meaning such as non-fiction.  If he was going by
      > the Torah he would have required the Gentiles be
      > circumcised.  

      He obviously meant what was then "the" canonical Jewish Bible of his day. His words in 2 Tim. iii 16 reflect the thinking of many religious Jews of that time, namely that the Jewish Bible is a verbally inspired text - and a historical text from which history may be mined and reconstructed (cf. Seder Olam Rabbah). This is not a modern concept invented by Christian fundamentalists or Albright. Your last sentence is a little weird. One of Paul's problems within Jewish circles was the accusation of teaching Jews, not Gentiles, not to be circumcised. I can't see how that has any real relation to the view, and Paul's view (a shared myth), that the Jewish scriptures are inspired and formed the basis of the religious Jewish worldview at the time 2 Tim. iii 16 was penned.

      Tory Thorpe
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