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  • Tory Thorpe
    Dec 4 3:41 AM
      Dear Niels,

      > The true mythmakers were modern people who turned the Bible into
      > something which it is not, a history textbook. The idea of
      > verbal inspiration is also pretty modern. You don't find
      > it in the Bible itself.

      In one of Paul's letters in the Christian Bible we find: "All scripture is given by inspiration of God..." (2 Tim. iii 16). Since Paul was presumably refering to the Jewish Bible, the idea of "verbal inspiration" is at least as old as Paul, no?

      > I suppose that a discussion about ancient mind would be
      > appropriate also here, and ancient perceptions of history.
      > And we should definitely pay attention to "the mythical
      > mind" as opposed to the modern mind and not evaluate
      > ancient intellectual products according to modern standards.
      > Few Assyrians had read Kant!

      I'm enjoying your new book.

      Tory Thorpe
      Modi'in, IL
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