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9126Re: [ANE-2] Golan trial

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  • David Hall
    Nov 1, 2008
      The ossuary was inscribed in two different calligraphy styles.  It was written by two different hands. 
      Geologist Goren concluded that the ossuary was first cleaned and then a fake patina was added as there were traces of the cleaner under the patina. 
      If you rub dirt on an object, you might later find the dirt on the object is real containing ancient foraminifera, the dirt is authentic and old, and may guess the dirty object must be authentic, but it is difficult to prove when the dirt was added.  The appearance of natural chemical and physical weathering may have been duplicated by artificial means.
      If you hold a silver coin over a flame of combusted sulphur the coin will become tarnished and appear old.
      One year I was walking through the Souk of Old Jerusalem in the vicinity of Muristan and saw a basket full of Roman type oil lamps of all the exact same shape and color being sold as replicas.  They were not the usual smooth terra cotta replicas, but were crusty in appearance as if they had been buried for years.    
      David Q. Hall

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      > The Haaretz newspaper summarized some of the prosecution' s evidence
      > against Golan and those alleged to have carried out anitquities forgery,
      > updated August 23, 2008:
      > http://www.haaretz. com/hasen/ spages/974483. html
      > One person involved in the case has already been convicted of criminal
      > guilt.
      > David Q. Hall
      > dqhall59@yahoo. com

      To me it is not all that complicated as far as the James Ossuary is
      concerned. Yuval Goren testified that there is indeed ancient patina in the
      latter part of the inscription. My position since 2002 has been that
      simple. If there is genuinely ancient patina in the entire inscription, the
      box is entirely genuine.

      http://www.bib- arch.org/ news/forgery- trial-news. asp

      This does not mean that Golan is innocent of manufacturing forged artifacts,
      only that this ossuary was not one of them. I also do not believe the
      pomegranate is one of them either.


      Jack Kilmon
      San Antonio, TX
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