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9015Re: [ANE-2] Re: High Priest sarcophagus/Caiphas

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  • Antonio Lombatti
    Oct 9, 2008
      Il giorno 09/ott/08, alle ore 19:21, Jim West ha scritto:

      > > I'd like to hear more about this pagan custom and its place in
      > Jewish
      > > practice.

      Over more then 3000 Jewish tombs in the timeframe II BC - I AD have
      been excavated, coins are a rare occurrence. Only a scattering of
      coins have been found in various Jerusalem, Ein Gedi, Bet She'arim,
      and Jericho tombs and most of them not in situ. Usually they are not
      related to the dead people buried there. In rare occasions coins were
      found near the skulls, and on two occasions inside the skulls.
      However, these skulls were fragmentary so it's not that easy to say if
      the coins were originally near or on the skull.

      The explanation is quite easy: as Jews were often influenced by the
      surrounding Hellenistic culture, on occasions they adopted Hellenistic
      practices and customs. This is probably a payment for Charon -
      Charon's obol - for ferrying the deceased across the river Styx. In
      Beth She'arim tombs a carving of a Charon's boat was even spotten on
      the limestone.

      Antonio Lombatti


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