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9007Re: A fragment with an inscription: Son of the High Priest

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  • Joseph I. Lauer
    Oct 7, 2008
      The Jerusalem Post has a link to a two-minute IBA video about the
      discovery of the "remnant of a covering of a sarcophagus" with the
      (translated) inscription "son of the High Priest".
      The narrator mentions the belief that the High Priest officiated at the
      Temple between the years 30 and 70 CE.
      The video is entitled "Archaeological dig reveals big find" and
      sub-captioned "Jerusalem unveils 2nd Temple fragment with inscription 'Son
      of High Priest'."
      The video's long URL is:
      It appears (at least to me) from a side view of the inscribed cover in
      the video that the reading is "ben" and that it is not the end of a name, as
      there is room for a letter or letters after the break in the stone.
      Joseph I. Lauer
      Brooklyn, New York
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